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Alyson Meyers

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor

Alyson Meyers is a section editor for the Lobo Legend and a junior at Conifer High School. Last year she placed first in the CSMA Best of Colorado awards for critical review and in-depth news coverage. Her passion lies in feature and in-depth coverage. One day she hopes to pursue a career in communications. She is a setter and right side hitter for the Lady Lobos Volleyball Program at CHS and plays cello in the chamber orchestra.

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Alyson Westfall posing with the HOSA skeleton at Trick or Treat Street. Keep Conifer Green ran a booth at the event on October 26th.

$15,500: Where to Spend It?

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
February 1, 2023
Seniors Evan Clark and Koen Skies play in the 2021-2022 muscle match, prior to the dress code changes.

Muscle Match Goes Prude

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
November 12, 2022
Senior Eric Waisanen gets checked on by a nurse while donating blood. Vitalant had a blood drive in the auxiliary gym on November 2nd. HOSA sponsored this event and their members were present at the event handing out cookies and water to the post-donation students.

Blood Drives Lives

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
November 4, 2022
Sunny Poe posing next to a pumpkin cuts out during last years Trick or Treat Street. Student Medias booth theme was pumpkins for last years event. I had lots of fun eating candy and seeing all the cool costumes, Poe said.

Trick or Treat Off the Streets

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
October 17, 2022
Senior Maddox Rife plays in the 2021-2022 Muscle Match. The new dress code for the game this year will make it so players are unable to wear sports bras or body paint with suggestive messages at the event.

Muscle Match: Hide the Muscles

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
September 14, 2022
Sherman spent a week in the hospital following her seizure. She has to undergo monthly infusions in order to keep the inflammation in her brain reduced. You sit in a hospital for seven hours, getting a drug just pumped in for seven hours, Sherman said.

Sherman’s Anatomy

Alyson Meyers, Section Editor
September 6, 2022
The Conifer Day schedule was seen written on many teachers boards as a reminder for students to the new times and classes.

Conifer Day or Nay

Alyson Meyers, Reporter
November 11, 2021
“I want a place where people like me, can feel more comfortable and people of any race, religion any ethnicity any gender identity any sexuality and romanticism, anyone that would be considered a minority would feel more confident,” Hennes said.

CHS is No Place for Hate

Alyson Meyers, Reporter
October 21, 2021
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