14-year-old R&B Artist Captures the Heart of the Nation


Keedron’s debut album, produced through his record deal with Warner Records

Keedron Bryant is a 14-year-old up-and-coming R&B artist. He originally gained fame when he sang an original song “I JUST WANNA LIVE” acapella on YouTube in response to the George Floyd killing. The song was written by his mother and his moving performance captured the nation’s attention. Most notably the song was recognized and praised by LeBron James, Will Smith, and President Barack Obama. Keedron shares a strong message with this song as he sings, “I’m a young black man doing all that I can.”


Since then Warner Records has signed him on and he has released his debut EP, “Keedron”. The EP features six songs, “Hello,” “Passing Thru,” “Stubborn,” “Like I Do,” “Blackberry Sauce,” and “Everything”. He starts off strong with Hello, a bouncing song with a strong beat, and says hello to his listeners, welcoming them into his music. 


“[The EP] has shown the world a different side of my sway and versatility of sound,” Keedron said.


Keedron maintains this consistency throughout the EP; he incorporates a variety of the saxophone, guitar, and drums that add complexity to his songs. His song, Like I Do, includes an appearance from his sister Aiyanna Bryant who adds beautiful background vocals, contributing complexity to the piece. 


His debut EP has shown that Keedron has a promising future in the music industry. At just 14 years of age, Bryant has demonstrated that he is capable of putting out quality music with compelling messages.


“I want my music to speak to the power of love,” Keedron said. He said he wants to convey not only romance but also self-love and love for all people. He achieves just that through the fourth song on his album, Like I Do, where he sings, “Finding my way to you”. This theme is also seen in his debut single, I JUST WANNA LIVE, where he sings about love between all people and ending the hate of racial violence and police brutality. 


For music inspiration, Keedron draws from his own life. “My story is my song,” Keedron said. By drawing from his life experiences Bryant creates a connection between artist and audience. He is vulnerable and truthful, allowing the listener to understand and relate with his lyrics.


In the future, Keedron plans to do more collaborations with famous artists like Lil Baby and Justin Bieber. For anyone looking for a fresh new artist with a compelling sound, fun rhythms, and great lyrics I would suggest hopping over to Keedron Bryant’s SoundCloud and listening to this EP. Keedron has a real and promising future as an R&B artist, and his EP has proven that he has what it takes to captivate an audience and hold his own in the music industry.