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Social Media Policy

2022-2023 CHS Student Media: Social Media Code of Conduct


Staff members and editors should always refer to the CHS Student Media policy manual for basic expectations and code of conduct.


When a student discusses CHS Student Media or publication matters on the publication’s social media, they will be positive and professional toward the publication and its readers.


Appropriate personal social media may be used to promote publications, published content, and engage the CHS community.


Students do not act as the official spokesperson for the department or its publications, their personal social media speaks for themself and not for the department.


No slurs, personal insults, or obscenity of any kind is to be tolerated in content produced by CHS Student Media, including photos, captions, and comments.


All content on social media must be factual, demonstrate thorough and accurate reporting, and serve the CHS community. Posts will be held to the same standard as other reporting in terms of information gathering and fact-checking.


Social media posts must seek to eliminate bias and present an objective report upon the event at hand, unless promoting an opinion or review piece from the website, in which case it must be made exceedingly clear that the reporting is student opinion.


Students may not use CHS Student Media social media to promote their personal or photography accounts; HOWEVER, students may (and are encouraged to) tag their personal account in the byline of any posts they create or photograph for.


Content posted by specific clubs’ social media accounts promoting events or club achievements may be shared/featured in stories on CHS Student Media accounts on a fair basis.


Information gained through social media channels should be verified through multiple sources or by confirming a source’s validity before passing it along on a social media account. In breaking news situations, extreme caution will be exercised and speculation will never be published. Staff members posting from these accounts should make every effort to interview a school administrator in a situation where a breaking news event pertains directly to the school.


Mistakes made on social media posts should be corrected as soon as possible and any deleted posts should be acknowledged in subsequent postings. [correction] should be used after deleted or corrected posts.


In the event that a personal post is inadvertently posted from a Media account, it will be immediately deleted. It will be acknowledged if deemed necessary by the Editorial Board.


All updates on the CHS Student Media account must include a photo and a photo credit.


The Editorial Board reserves the right to revoke the social media privileges of CHS Student Media students for violating these policies.


Specific Social Media Policy/Formatting:



The main audience for the staff Instagram account is current students

This account will not “like” posts from the personal accounts of students

This account may “like” posts from school clubs, photography accounts, professional journalists, and professional journalism accounts

We do not tag students in updates, but may tag the student reporters/photographers featured in the post, as well as students pictured in post photos

The account will not reply to hate updates or negative comments

Comments including profanity, slander, or hate speech will be deleted

The account WILL reply to questions or clarification

The account MAY follow back students/accounts who follow us



The main audience for the staff Facebook account is past students and parents

All updates must be professional and promote information for the current student (headlines from the newspaper, announcements, yearbook sales, etc…)

We do not tag personal accounts in updates

The account WILL reply to questions or clarification

The account MAY follow back students/accounts who follow us