lovely nothings

lovely nothings

Maya Dawson, Poet May 4, 2021

Behind walls that smell of bleach a man preaches immortality, pretty words on white paper, a legacy of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams.   He tried to teach me to write a sonnet, once, to...

Poem: Watered down

Poem: Watered down

Maya Dawson, Poet April 29, 2021

Raindrops race down cafe windows like playful schoolchildren, the street beyond fading to a watercolor of blues and greys, headlights twinkling like stars through the watery veil. The woman at the counter...

Artwork by Zoe Watts

Poem: Best Years of my Life

Zoe Watts, Poet April 27, 2021

“These are the best years of your life” That’s what my father told me once As the worries about Highschool clogged my mind   He said they were the best of his Running around with...

Short Story: Surrounded

Short Story: Surrounded

Haylee Williams, Fiction Writer April 27, 2021

     Dangerous, that’s what they called it. Winding vines and twisting branches give a false illusion of safety, that’s what they always said. Deep green leaves and colorful flowers are no longer...

Poem: Wishbone

Poem: Wishbone

Maya Dawson, Poet April 25, 2021

some days we are sinew and bone, plucked from carcass like afterthoughts and wrapped in rotting linen, sun-bleached and silent until the marrow is dry, prettier at the precipice of being nothing at...

Poem: Red, Blue, and Everything in Between

Poem: Red, Blue, and Everything in Between

Haylee Williams, Poet April 22, 2021

Red was always your color. Red hair, red clothes, red car. It was your color and no one else's. It defined you, inside and out. Red lips, red words, red shoes, red laughter.   Red hot warm skin,...

Poem: Leaves

Poem: Leaves

Maddie Potter, Poet April 20, 2021

Connection, like leaves on a tree A web of relationships  A sturdy wood base Society, linked and harmonious But with autumn, comes the fall Cold spreads like a virus Rapidly leaves drop Connections...

Digital art done by Zoe Watts.

Poem: From the Stars

Zoe Watts, Editor March 18, 2021

What are we to the stars? Do they see us as fools? Forgetting who and what matters  As we distract ourselves with things that hurt us in the end.   Or maybe they don’t think of us...

Illustration by Zoe Watts

Short Story: Washed Away

Zoe Watts, Editor March 8, 2021

     The people had finally forgotten about her. The stories they used to tell about the river spirit were lost as the storytellers faded away. Even the spirit of that very river had forgotten her own...

Short Story: Moon Flora

Maddie Potter, Fiction Writer March 5, 2021

    “Stop! Stop!” I giggled, shoving Luna off of me.       We collapsed in the grass, hearts racing, breathing hard. I closed my eyes trying to get my heart rate to slow. The cool morning...

Illustration by Zoe Watts

Short Story: A Whisper to the Stars

Zoe Watts, Editor March 4, 2021

     The girl climbed up the hill as the stars started to come out. She knew it was dangerous to be out alone at night, but she decided that a small escape was worth the risk. When she reached the top,...

Poem: mechanical wings

Maya Dawson, Poet March 2, 2021

The girl in the rain has mechanical wings, broken gears screaming when she tries to fly. Raindrops ricochet off of iron, sending blood-red rivers of rust cascading between chalk-white shoulder blades.   And...

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