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I will not be hurt

Leo Nickerson, Reporter April 4, 2024

I am not your propaganda  I am not your enemy I am not  your fear tactic  I am not your scapegoat    My life is not your joke My life is not a lie My life is not marketable My...

Photo of the Earth inside a sunray taken from voyager 1 at 3.7 billion miles from Earth.
Photo Provided By NASA/JPL-Caltech

Beyond the First Voyage

Leo Nickerson, Reporter February 22, 2024

A cold expanse  Far from home  A gold record  A solar dream   Sheets of metal  Radio waves  No contact from home Through the void of space, I float   In search...

hiljaks jääma

Leo Nickerson, Reporter December 1, 2023

The girl ran in the ever-darkening hallways, a loud buzzer blared, signaling something she didn't want to see. The walls and lockers felt as if they were closing in around her. Her eyes frantically darted...

A City Reclaimed

Leo Nickerson, Reporter October 17, 2023

The landscape lay broken and cracked, concrete mixing with glass and steel. Monoliths to a time long gone, to a species war-torn and angered. A reminder of what nature had taken back. Grass and vines crawled...

My Furry Friends

Leo Nickerson, Reporter October 4, 2023

From dawn to dusk Daybreak to darkness The panda inside grows A fluffy tail and sharp claws   My footprint large My heart ever-growing Gayer than Elton John A sucker for paws   A floor...

Words are a Dammed up River Waiting to be Released

Words are a Dammed up River Waiting to be Released

Alyson Meyers, Poet November 21, 2021

One day your words will flow right to the next Your sentences will form stories Your stories will make worlds These worlds will make people, places and things And readers will fall in love...

Phoenix, the oldest horse on the range at 29 years old. Drinking from Krueger’s Pond on Oct, 9th. Heading into the Winter of 2021 looking great. What a moment to reflect on her past.

The Wild Pryor World

Forellen Bonham, Reporter November 19, 2021

I have never been in a more calming and stress-free place. Between the balance of life and death and the freedom and naturalness of the wild horses, it is a place of trueness.  It is a unique and genuine...

Short Story: Dissociation Posed Through the Eyes of a Narrative

Jessa Collins, Fiction Writer November 19, 2021

     Like any ordinary evening, she looks in the mirror to view a face unrecognizable and strange. She picks up her toothbrush and sees hands that are not her own. The toothbrush buzzes, and she forces...

Short Story: Broken Rainbow

Short Story: Broken Rainbow

Maddie Potter, Fiction Writer May 18, 2021

     The wind swirled through the thick canopy above. A cool mist signaling the beginning of a storm fell on Grace’s cheeks as she toed along her 4-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, followed...

Poem: Fish

Poem: Fish

Maddie Potter, Poet May 10, 2021

We’ve all heard the metaphor  High school, a school of fish Constantly swarming, changing, filled with life Fish tied closely to their school Reliant on the others for safety in numbers If...

Poem: lovely nothings

Poem: lovely nothings

Maya Dawson, Poet May 4, 2021

Behind walls that smell of bleach a man preaches immortality, pretty words on white paper, a legacy of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams.   He tried to teach me to write a sonnet, once, to...

Poem: Watered down

Poem: Watered down

Maya Dawson, Poet April 29, 2021

Raindrops race down cafe windows like playful schoolchildren, the street beyond fading to a watercolor of blues and greys, headlights twinkling like stars through the watery veil. The woman at the counter...

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