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A City Reclaimed

The landscape lay broken and cracked, concrete mixing with glass and steel. Monoliths to a time long gone, to a species war-torn and angered. A reminder of what nature had taken back. Grass and vines crawled up the ancient buildings, trees retaking and cleaning the soil below the crumbling city. The efforts of everyone who once was, being washed away in the ever-growing nature of time and history. Everyone, from the accountants to the trashmen, are gone from this city. The streets are littered with wrecks of steel and paint. The underpasses fell and reclaimed, this city was destroyed in the final war. A bright light and the whole thing was over. Whoever survived made it out and never came back. After those who could remember the great city for what it was in the old world were themselves returned to the fertility and safety of the soil, nature slowly made its way back into the crumbling rubble. The one spot yet to be taken by the cycle of life is the crater. A foreboding hole in the center of it all. An invisible poison leaks from it into the bleached barren land around it but even this will be surpassed by nature. Even now one plant stands defiant of nature’s order and thrives in these brackish barren lands.

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