Words are a Dammed up River Waiting to be Released

One day your words will flow right to the next

Your sentences will form stories

Your stories will make worlds

These worlds will make people, places and things

And readers will fall in love with such beings

They will cry when they die

And laugh when they joke

They will cheer out in victory when the hero has won

And they will throw the book when the story is done

For your words will inspire

They will create so many things

So many beautiful, wonderful, complex things


One day your words will stop

The flow will cease to be and the worlds you could have created will be trapped

Your mind will hold them, keep them safe

The sentences that used to come easily will be a struggle and a war

The stories that you made will be no more

And those characters that you so love

They will be babies of literature and a dove will not carry them to become what they could be

You will plea for things to come, for your words to return

But all good things take time

That is something you must learn


And one day those words will come back, in a trickle or a stream

And your stories will be born again

For the entire world to read