The Wild Pryor World

A place of freedom and balance; The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range


Beth Bonham

Phoenix, the oldest horse on the range at 29 years old. Drinking from Krueger’s Pond on Oct, 9th. Heading into the Winter of 2021 looking great. What a moment to reflect on her past.

I have never been in a more calming and stress-free place. Between the balance of life and death and the freedom and naturalness of the wild horses, it is a place of trueness.  It is a unique and genuine place, from on top of the Sykes Ridge Mountains to the lower Dryhead. Everything seems to fall into place: birth, death, sun, clouds, heat and cold. It is all so natural and beautiful and a part of the circle of life on the range. 

Being able to be a part of these mountains has a feeling to it that no other place can create. I am able to connect with the place and look deeper into the stories of the horses and range than what I can just see at a glance. 

When I’m up on the mountain I can be free. I don’t have to worry or stress over school, homework or anything, I can just admire and be a part of this beautiful place. I feel put together when I’m on the mountain. It feels like nothing off the mountain exists: no war, no danger, no politics. The only things alive and important are the organisms on the mountain. 

Being able to feel the breeze and sun, smell the scent of horses and earth and hear the pounding of hooves running across the hard ground creates the best feeling ever. 

This place has greatly impacted my life ever since I first visited and fell in love five years ago. I just can’t get enough. It is the only place I want to be and is involved in my biggest dreams. It is a place of home and comfort. Sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire and waking up to horses and peace is all I could ever ask for.

This is the place where dreams are made and come true. It is a place of happiness and freedom. It is a place of balance and the place of my dreams.




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