Muscle Match: Hide the Muscles

A new dress code has been imposed on the annual homecoming spirit week Muscle Match.


Alex Miller

Senior Maddox Rife plays in the 2021-2022 Muscle Match. The new dress code for the game this year will make it so players are unable to wear sports bras or body paint with suggestive messages at the event.

Interim Principal Gregory Manier has informed the players and coaches of Muscle Match, the annual Homecoming Week volleyball game between junior and senior boys, that a new dress code will be enforced during the event. The policy prohibits the players from wearing girls’ clothing and body paint displaying inappropriate messages.

“There has been feedback around why we have been allowing guys to go out there in stuff that we wouldn’t let girls wear to school,” Manier said. 


The clothes in question include the short shorts, crop tops, and sports bras worn by players in previous years. There has been pushback from the players concerning the new policy.


“I think it’s a bit extreme,” junior Connor Harrington said. “I’m less excited about it because I think part of the shtick is wearing funny clothes.”


Manier hopes the new policy will keep the excitement around the game while also maintaining an environment of respect.


“The idea of Powder Puff and Muscle Match is to have a reversal of roles. Girls get to play football and guys get to play volleyball. It didn’t really have anything to do with all of this risqué dress,” Manier said.


This “risqué dress” was, according to Harrington, the best part of the match.


“I think the previous years that it has been done have been pretty funny, seeing what people can figure out,” Harrington said. “That’s just a whole element that’s going to be gone this year.”


Seniors Evan Clark and Koen Skies play in the 2021-2022 muscle match. (Alex Miller)

When asked if his team was planning on following the dress code Harrington told reporters, “It’s a surprise.”


However, if players do not follow the new dress code they will be asked to change their clothing or not play in the match at all.


“We are risking not being able to hold a Muscle Match if this continues,” Manier said.


The decision to not follow the dress code could also reflect poorly on the team coaches, who are junior and senior girls that play on the girls volleyball team.


“We’ve warned [the players] that if they disobey that order then it’s on the coaches,” Muscle Match coach and junior Izzy Allem said.


Muscle Match will be held on Thursday, September 15th, during an extended lunch period.


“I just want [the game] to be focused on what it was originally intended to be,” Manier said.