Skiing or School

To Ditch or Not To Ditch


Alyson Meyers

Sophomore Alyson Meyers at the Steamboat Springs Resort.

Skiing and Snowboarding are two of Colorado’s more popular sports. With famous skiing resorts scattered across Colorado’s mountains, it’s no surprise that students ditch school to go. 

Winter Park Resort is only an hour and a half away from Conifer High School, even Echo Mountain is a short 40-minute drive. After a good snow, students who can drive can find it tempting to go skiing rather than go to school. 

Senior Jordan Peschong said, “The world is full of opportunities and snowboarding is better than school. School just isn’t as fun. Sometimes you just need a break.”

Oftentimes, students are going skiing with their families. Senior Sierra Dunham, a former Conifer High School student, is known for going skiing with her parents during the school week. Dunham often posts pictures of the slopes while her peers are in class. 

“My family is very supportive of my love for skiing,” Dunham said. 

Both Peschong and Dunham have maintained healthy grades despite missing classes to pursue their extracurricular sport. 

Peschong said, “My grades are never affected [by skiing]. I always get the work done before it can be late.”

Not every skier ditches school. Sophomore Alyson Meyers loves to ski but has never missed school for it. That’s not to say she hasn’t been tempted. 

Meyers said, “I can’t just go because I don’t have a car, but I’m tempted every day. I hear about the fresh snow and I wish I was there instead. I also don’t want to miss school because if you’re gone one day, you tend to be behind five weeks. Good on them [those who ditch] for taking a break every once in a while.”