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Learning Center Discovered

The learning center is a study space created for students to receive help with their classes and assignments
Kaylea Pike
Colagelo was a former math teacher who now works in the learning center to help kids achieve their academic goals and prepare them for tests. When they go here they can get help with many different subjects depending on the teachers that are there during different hours. “It’s nice working with students in different perspectives as in like, I’m not the official math teacher, so I get to have different conversations with them about all subjects and I really get to know my students,” Colangelo said.

The learning center is a place for students to go to get help from teachers, study for upcoming tests or exams, and finish any uncompleted work. Dean of Students, Nicholas Colangelo is also the teacher of the learning center. 

“I appreciate the Learning Center because I feel like I get a little bit of everything. I get to see so many different students across so many different classes,” Colangelo said. 

Students go to the learning center during study halls, free periods, and any other open times they have if teachers they need are going to be there. 

“I go to the learning center because whenever I am struggling in a class I know that there are teachers that have time to help me and go through my work with me,” freshman Emily Bernat said.

Although the learning center is used by students to prepare for finals and other tests, it is also a tool for students to use if they are struggling in a class or don’t understand the material and need to talk with a teacher. 

“I go to the learning center sometimes when I miss a few days of school or if I just don’t understand something that we are doing in class because it gives me the opportunity to make up the work I missed and also helps me to understand things that I missed,” freshman Payton Buccelli said. 

Students have the chance to go to the learning center during study halls, or open periods if they have a teacher they need to get help from. “It’s really nice to be able to go to the learning center because I feel like I really am able to get a lot of help and they find time to make sure I get the help that I need even if I come in unscheduled,” freshman Cayden Kittay said. (Kaylea Pike)

While students go to the learning center to study and work with teachers, they can also schedule meetings with Colangelo to get help with things that they need if their teacher isn’t available or is not able to help at that time. 

“I have many students that are scheduled with me, or students that decide to come in during a study hall or even just during their open periods,” Colangelo said. 

These opportunities for the students can help them to improve their academic performance and complete anything else they need.

“I feel like ever since I started going into the learning center I can definitely see a difference in my grades and it’s really helped me improve. I also think that it really pushes me because I can get help anytime during that period and I can get all the help that I need,” Bernat said.

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