An Aching Beauty

Conifer Student enters National Art Competition


Photo courtesy of Laura Svigel

    Junior, Alison Braun, recently entered the Scholastic Art competition with her piece, ‘An Aching Beauty’. The sculpture shows a decaying ribcage holding flowers. 

    Mrs. Svigel recognized the potential of the work and helped Braun enter. The work in question was designed to make onlookers uncomfortable, and Braun accomplished just that.

    “I thought that if I added a whole lot of decay and a whole lot of things that make your bones crawl, it would be really cool,” Braun said.

    Svigel saw the dedication she had put into her work through even the smallest of intricacies and was understandably impressed. 

    “The idea of making people uncomfortable when there’s an incredible beauty within that too with just how precise her details were,” Svigel said.

    The competition itself has two levels that starts as state-wide before moving on to a national scale. If Braun gets a certain acceptance, she’ll be able to go to NYC to be recognized. The results from the state level will be received on January 23rd.