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Boys Lacrosse; Tearing Up The Turf

Wins, Losses, Practices and Improvements
Sullivan Ramirez
The boys lacrosse team warms up for their practice on 4/4/24 preparing for their game against Air Academy High School on 4/6/24. “My favorite part of Lacrosse is that Adrenaline feeling when you score a goal”, junior Landon Hancock said.

Conifer’s boys lacrosse currently has a record of 3-1, winning their most recent game with a score of 24-2. 

“We have great team chemistry, on and off the field, and I just love the sport in general. It’s a great sport to play, and a fun sport to watch,” junior Payden Devany said. 

Devany has been playing lacrosse since seventh grade and just started playing goalie last spring. He previously played on defense before switching to his recent position. 

“I feel like I’ve been playing pretty well, I’ve had some pretty good saves. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement, but at the moment I’m happy with where I am.” Devany said. 

Outside of practices and games, Devany does individual conditioning, focusing on speed and reflexes to improve on his own. 

“I like hitting the wall whenever I’m at home, just making sure that my eye hand coordination is getting faster.” 

Wall ball is an individual exercise that lacrosse players use to practice throwing and catching. Devanys’ teammates also practice this exercise on their own. 

“I do conditioning, weightlifting, and hit wall ball. You can never hit the wall enough,” junior Landon Hancock said. 

Hancock has been playing lacrosse for eight years, and his position is attack. Hancock plays varsity for Conifer’s team. He played recently in Conifer’s game against Summit High School, which resulted in a 13-3 Conifer win.

“Win or lose, I really enjoy the sport, and I know that when it comes down to it, if we are losing, it’s my job to help us get back up, and I really like that kind of pressure.” Devany said. 

The Boys Lacrosse team gets ready to start practice drills to prepare for the upcoming game on Saturday 4/6/24. “I love the team. We have great chemistry on and off the field. I also just love the sport in general”, junior Payden Devaney said. (Sullivan Ramirez)

Conifer’s loss against Pinecreek ended with a score of 17-15 and has motivated the team to work harder and improve. The team is working more on conditioning as well as defensive and offensive drills at practices to recover. 

“We had a rough loss. We definitely should have won that game,” Hancock said. 

Pinecreek was an away game that took place after school on Thursday, March 26th. 

“There’s room for improvement. We need to work on catching and fundamentals, like ground balls,” sophomore Mason Spencer said after their loss.

Since they’re first game against Pinecreek, they have played against Arvada West, Summit, and Lincoln High School, winning all three games.   

“My favorite part is scoring goals. It gives you that adrenaline rush and you’re hyping with your teammates.” Hancock said.

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