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Limited Practices, Limited Improvement

The Conifer High School track and field team starts their season with restrictions due to weather
Adam Wilton, a track participant at Conifer works on hurdles inside due to weather conditions. Conifers track team has been forced to practice indoors due to snowy and icy conditions. Players affected with the restricted space and limited practices. “The coaches push me forward and in track they want me to do my best,” Adam Wilton. Photo Provided By Savanna Smith

Running in the hallways, isn’t that not allowed? Conifer High School’s track and field’s first two invitational meets were canceled due to weather conditions, as well as practices where players are practicing inside. After canceled meets/practices and indoor training, the Conifer High School track and field team has had to adjust due to weather conditions affecting their season.

“Inside practice makes it a lot less fun and I feel like I improve more when I have outside practice,” junior Adam Wilton said. 

Some track and field athletes have joined track to help with other sports and for the overall health benefits.

“I love track because of the feeling of getting better and the feeling of improvement and being healthy but I think in past years I’ve improved more,” Wilton said.

Other Conifer spring sports have also had their seasons affected by the weather, such as boys/girls lacrosse, girls tennis, and baseball. When weather affects their practices it causes outdoor sports to be moved into the school or canceled. The teams have to share the main and auxiliary gyms. 

“It makes practice a lot less fun, and it’s always really hot,” Wilton said.

The runners practice in the hallways when outdoor practices are canceled. The throwers find room in the aux gym to throw against mats and pole vaulters practice in the auxiliary commons. 

Track participants have been recently running inside due to weather conditions. “It’s definitely more limited and has less running space inside,“ Rylie Sanvido.
Photo Provided By Savanna Smith

Conifer High School’s track and field coaches have been using the time they get with their players to help them improve. 

“It’s probably some of the best coaches I’ve ever had,” freshman William Hood said.

Coaches for all events have been giving corrections and pushing their athletes to improve even through affected practices and meets. 

“I love my coach, Mrs. Washer, she’s very constructive with her criticism. She tells you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it,” Hood said.

With the expanding number of people joining track and field, finding opportunities and areas for the athletes to practice is becoming harder.

“Indoor practice is a lot more limited because there is less running space, so we are only able to get like 100-meter workouts because that’s the length of the hallway and the stairs is kinda just strength training and we haven’t been able to get longer distance workouts,” sophomore Riley Sanvido said.

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