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Missing Maseberg

After five years, math teacher Carissa Maseberg leaves Conifer High School
Kanin Cadam
Carissa Maseberg gives AP Statistic help to several students during Lab. Though AP Statistics is a difficult subject and a college-level class, her teaching has helped many students to understand and internalize the processes and strategies needed to be successful in her class. “She’s helped me figure out how to do math,” Roberson said.

In five years, Conifer has gone through the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes, mandated masks, social distancing, and a change in principals. In those five years, Carissa Maseberg has been teaching math at CHS, and she has been primarily in charge of the AP Statistics and Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry classes.

“I’ve gotten to know her and have had school-related and personal conversations with her,” senior Rozilynn Roberson said. “She’s helped me figure out what I want for my future.”

Maseberg joined Conifer the year COVID-19 began, and two years later, so did her husband, math teacher Drew Maseberg. As CHS was far closer to D. Maseberg than his previous position at Columbine, D.Maseberg left and joined CHS, adding another math teacher to Conifer’s staff. Following three years of working together at Conifer, C. Maseberg received a job offer at an educational technology company and recently decided to end her time at the school.

Carissa Maseberg assists a student during an AP Statistics class. Maseberg originally opted for a dance major at CSU but eventually switched to math and decided to become a math teacher. “I just fell in love with the subject,” Maseberg said. “I get excited watching kids learn difficult topics and understand them.” (Kanin Cadam)

“She can further her career in any way that she wants to,” D. Maseberg said. “It does not bother me because she’s gotta’ do what’s right for her.”

C. Maseberg left Conifer on Friday, March 1 after receiving a job offer from a large educational corporation named Stukent, which specializes in online curriculum and implementing internships to bridge the gap between what’s being taught in schools and what’s happening in the workforce. Stukent is located in Idaho, but she will be working remotely and will be staying in the Conifer area for the foreseeable future.

“Conifer is such a big part of my life and I’m grateful my husband is still here so I can attend random sporting events and graduation because my heart is still here,” C. Maseberg said.

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