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Sydney Sheets

Sydney Sheets, Reporter

Sydney Sheets is a new sophomore at CHS. This is her first experience with journalism but she is looking forward to the experience and writing important stories.

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Goldie the horse explores Mustard Seed Ranch. The next stock show opens January 6-21st. The CINCH race will take place on January 12th, 2023. (riders can also apply on the website ).

Winning, Just for Fun

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
April 13, 2023
The term “sock baby” may lead to an array of things someone might picture. The sock babies were often pink (sometimes black) socks, filled with rice, with arms, legs and a head that made it look more like a real baby. Even though they resembled babies, socks go in shoes and, apparently, some students think sock babies do too.

Don’t Sock My Baby

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
March 16, 2023
Although no one showed up to the first Game Day, the owner stuck with it, knowing that things may turn out that way the few first times. However, this game day seemed to be more successful and at least a few people showed up to learn how to play Dominion.

Game Day at the Bookstore

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
February 28, 2023
Kiki Pell attempts to get a final shot in the last 14 seconds of the first half. While she was unsuccessful, the team continued to play as best they could, despite their limited time and losing score.

Conifer Loses to Littleton

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
February 14, 2023

CHS Tutoring

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
January 4, 2023
Dancer, Alathia Rooke, shows off her high jumps. Rooke has become an amazing, high jumper from her 6 years of practicing dance. She would describe her “big part (as) big jumps” and displays this talent for large leaps.


Sydney Sheets, Reporter
December 9, 2022
Meyers Ranch has wildlife like no other trail. 
Hikers on these trails may even see deer such as
this one, on the trail.

Trails of Conifer

Sydney Sheets, Reporter
November 17, 2022
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