Game Day at the Bookstore


Sydney Sheets

Although no one showed up to the first Game Day, the owner stuck with it, knowing that things may turn out that way the few first times. However, this game day seemed to be more successful and at least a few people showed up to learn how to play Dominion.

After the last used bookstore closed down, Conifer residents had nowhere local to buy books. However, a new store has opened and become more than just a bookstore. It has become a study area for students, a place for people to host clubs, and even a space where the community can come together through board games.

The Sojourn bookstore, owned by Shannon Konyndyk, sells coffee, books, and small knick-knacks, as well as, hosts a multitude of events, including game days, a Backpack Society group, and a writer’s group.

Those who enjoy a hot beverage while reading may enjoy the coffee bar. Patrons may also like the beautiful paintings on the walls and the box of mystery books (just below the counter). The mystery book trend is for adventurous readers, who are willing to take a chance on a book, based on only a small snippet about it.
(Sydney Sheets)

I opened Sojourn Book Store because I have a passion for books and wanted to share that with my community. I saw an opportunity to create a space where people could come together to explore new ideas, learn, and connect with each other through the power of books. I was also motivated by a desire to provide a unique, local alternative to larger chain bookstores or online retailers,” Konundyk said.

As soon as you walk in you get almost a full view of the store. The bookshelves are short which gives the store a more open look, without seeming empty or barren. The blue walls and black shelves pair nicely with the colorful book, vibrant candles, fresh soaps, and tiny, stuffed octopi. On the right, there is a short coffee bar and an opening that leads to a table where you can sit down and read. The interesting paintings add to the space and its beautiful aesthetic without making it cluttered. Finally, in the middle of the store is a comfortable sitting area. The store continues this lovely atmosphere with unique celtic music. Considering all this, it is no wonder that Konundyk gets so many compliments about her space.

On the last Sunday of every month, the owner hosts a board game day, where they have one learning game (that the owner teaches participants to play) and multiple non-learning games that are open to anyone who attends.

I had a vision, maybe a little idealistic, that friends and families would come to hang out and play games (that) they might not have access to at home and meet other people who liked to play board games and create a space for that community,” Konundyk said.

When you enter the store, you are likely to see the shelves of books and coffee bar. This provides a nice open-space feel, but there is also a more private sitting area further to the right. With all the cool things in this store, who knows what will draw your eye when you first come in.
(Sydney Sheets)

Along with the Sunday Game Days, Konundyk also hosts Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering games, showing her clear passion for games and connecting the community.

“I love gaming and think that world-building in books and games are so similar that they ought to go together,” Konundyk said.