Girls Basketball Pre-Season 2022-2023

Why join the girls’ basketball team?

Basketball is a great “place to relieve your stress and meet new people,” sophomore Lila Braun said. Braun has been playing basketball since the fifth grade; she has “always loved the sport and wanted to try it.” Girls at CHS who also have a passion for basketball are welcome to join the team.

Addie Gordon said she joined “to grow as an athlete by playing with people better than (her).” Gordon loves the “community and the people,” as well as the “competition…(getting) to be in control… and adapting to whatever is thrown at you.” Those looking for similar experiences might consider joining the team.

The new head coach, Connie Ireland, aims to make basketball “a positive, fun, and good experience.” The coach’s ambition, support, and encouraging attitude may make players love the sport even more.

What is the team doing to prepare for the season?

Coach Ireland is trying to get the team in the gym as much as possible. The players have been doing off-season workouts Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, in the auxiliary gym, 5:30-6:30, as well as additional conditioning Wednesdays after school. Players of any skill level are invited to join them. They’ve also been working on some of the basics like shooting, form, dribbling, and post moves to give them a firm foundation when learning more complicated moves. Some are even spending their free time in the gym on the weekends. 


Get to know the team:

Coach Ireland started coaching boys basketball for her oldest son, from elementary school to 9th grade, before switching over to girls basketball. She used to work at Conifer High School from 2011-2015 under a different head coach; she was very successful and even coached the team to the playoffs a couple years. She then coached at another school for five years when she noticed that people’s “excitement of participating in the program has dropped off” now she wants to “make a difference and get the program… back on a positive track.” She has set clear goals for herself and the team.

Gordon said the team has “become much closer,” since the previous year. They also have new coaches this season, who are very committed and working hard to get the team ready.


Coach Ireland said she “hopes to build a competitive spirit so no matter how the game finishes we know we did our very best to make it a good game.” Hopefully, she will find success in this goal and everyone’s hard work and skill will result in many victorious games.


If you’d like to join the team contact: [email protected]