Deer and Elk

Deer and Elk
Colorado’s 2020 Hunting Season
November 27, 2020

       Heart pounding, adrenaline racing, cold air chilling skin- hunters across the state of Colorado prepare to take the shot. Elk and deer season raced by as November’s end came closer.  ...

Thanksgiving During COVID

November 20, 2020

       Thanksgiving this year will not be normal thanks to COVID-19. Families right now are dealing with the situation of what is best for their loved ones, and they are doing what they can to keep...

Volleyball During Covid

At a scrimmage during the 2020 pre season, number 54 scores a kill
November 17, 2020

       I have been playing volleyball for almost eight years, and as expected, this season has become something straight out of a nightmare. I haven’t taken a true off season since I was eleven,...

Robotics Club Restarting Hybrid

Computer with Github and Matlab
November 17, 2020

       A screwdriver in the back of the room falls on the floor, followed by the sound of wheels trying to turn, but only a few are rotating. The sound of fingers on a keyboard is interrupted by another...

Team Harmony

Edica Pacha partnered with Womxn of the Mountain to create this mural celebrating indigenous culture
CHS student pursues global youth reporter position
November 14, 2020

       It’s nine in the morning and I’m crouched in an alley, fiddling with the camera at my feet. With a click of the record button, my interview with photographer and street artist Edica Pacha...

Changing Visits

COVID-19 Has Changed University Tours
November 13, 2020

       A student walks onto a university campus, eyes bright and ready to ask questions… or maybe not. University campus tours have changed and so has the student experience.         The...

Letter to the Editor

Sophomore Caidan White leads an effort to include a conservative speaker on next year’s Diversity Day panel.
A response to "Diversity Day not Diverse Enough?"
November 13, 2020

Dear Editor,   With respect to your article, “Diversity Day not Diverse Enough”, I’d love to respond on behalf of the Peer Counseling team.   First of all, we are always welcome...

Conifer’s Theatre Perseveres

Sophomore Maddie Potter, Sophomore Samantha Shaver, and Freshman Baylee Tesch play an improv game at the after school theater club on Mondays and Tuesdays.
November 12, 2020

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Conifer High School’s theatre company is still doing all that it can to keep the arts alive. A variety of programs have begun, taking careful precautions to follow...

Teens and Tarot

Photo by Zoe Watts
The Witchy Trend Among Teenagers
November 10, 2020

Divination, or the magic of predicting the future, has become a popular trend among teenagers. One of the bigger branches of divination, known as tarot, is especially gaining traction.  Tarot cards...

Diversity Day not Diverse Enough?

Sophomore Caidan White leads an effort to include a conservative speaker on next year’s Diversity Day panel.
November 5, 2020

       When Sophomore Caidan White looked at the list of Diversity Day speakers for this  Friday’s event he noticed a trend among many of the sessions.        “The definition of diversity...

Diversity Day Sign Up

Photo courtesy of the student counselors
October 29, 2020

Make sure to sign up for the virtual diversity day on November 6th! It will all happen on Zoom, with 15 speakers and workshops. If you sign up, you get to skip your classes for that day and get extra credit!...

Gen Z vs The Polls

October 23, 2020

       “Vote.” The word is posted on Instagram stories and printed on the backs of NBA warmup shirts, screamed at rallies and whispered around the dining table. But does the vote of one high schooler...

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