The Early Bird Sells the Worm

This is Geffre, one of the worms purchased by CHS students.

Maya Dawson, Reporter

February 25, 2020

A figure approaches each lunch table, the bag in his hand teeming with goods.  An addiction is spreading through Conifer High School. A worm addiction. “I am partnering up with a few of my friends, and we are selling worms on a string,” sophomore Devon Lewis said. From the bottom of his...

Slam Poetry: Not Your Mama’s Nursery Rhymes

The inside of the Mercury Cafe features an enchanting blend of decor.

Maya Dawson, Reporter

February 21, 2020

When poetry is mentioned, one may think of Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe, ancient works with flowery language nobody quite understands. Irrelevant. A dying art, pressed to the back shelves of used bookstores. Though classic poetry is fading to the periphery of the art scene, a new form of poetry is t...

Conifer’s Dungeons and Dragons Club

Sophomores Victor Rogalski and Drew McDowell continue their campaign in the world of D&D.

Elijah Roeper, Reporter

February 19, 2020

Students of Conifer High have begun a Dungeons and Dragons club during lunch. “It’s kind of just a fantasy role-playing game,” sophomore Sean Jenovai said. “It’s basically you do random crap and see what the consequences are. You need dice, character sheets, and imagination.” The event...

Special Ed. and Regular Classes

Senior Hunter Sanders details his experiences in high school

Hunter Sanders, Reporter

December 19, 2019

Being one of the students in the Special Ed. Program has been interesting and I was a part of it for middle school too. But I was in my own classes without the students, and the same thing is happening for high school. I’m going to talk about my experience with being in the Special Ed. Program and ...


Graciela Horstman, Staff Writer

October 19, 2019

High school students are struggling to keep a balanced life with their homework overload, extra curricular activities, and family life this year.  Conifer High School encourages students to participate in school sports and clubs. But maintaining a healthy balance between that and homework has proven...

School Spirit . . . and racism?

Banners in the commons announce themes for Homecoming Week.

Maya Dawson, Staff Writer

October 17, 2019

School Spirit… and Racism? Conifer Student Government changes Friday’s spirit week theme   By Maya Dawson   The themes for each day of spirit week, October 14-19, were posted in the commons last week.  For the pep assembly on Friday the Freshmen and Sophomores were requ...

How to Increase Your SAT Score

How to Increase Your SAT Score

Ava Dalton, Reporter

March 12, 2019

It is that time of the year again where the stress is overwhelming, as students try to cram as much knowledge as they can into their brains before taking the SAT. If every test taker follows these five tips their SAT score will dramatically go up.   Skim Passages: This tip applies to slow r...

Not in Florida anymore

Freshman Tim Starr (far left) joins in a pre-match ritual with the members of the tennis team.

Luca Gorla, Reporter

December 18, 2018

  Tim Starr is new to Colorado’s cold fronts and snowy winters, and he’s also new to Conifer High School.    Starr moved here from Florida during last year’s summer, and of course he misses home, but he’s making the most out of it.    “I like it here; it’s not a sucky pla...

Come Join the Spanish Club

Day of the Dead masks line a table in a Spanish classroom.

Ava Dalton, Reporter

December 18, 2018

Seniors Hannah Sundquist, Gigi Hunn, and Lauren Prescott are bringing a new club to life this year: the Spanish Club. This club will be meeting every silver Tuesday after school, from 3:00-4:30 in Spanish teacher Julie Doyle’s room.    “I’m president because I really enjoy learning not on...

Off to boot camp

Off to boot camp

Parker Jones, Editor in Chief

December 18, 2018

Some students see college as the perfect stepping stone from high school to a career, and some plan to dive straight into the workforce. For senior Austin Sherriff, the Marines will act as the introduction to the rest of his life.    “The military has always been something that I wanted t...

Gymnast, straight-A student, and (future) neuropsychologist all in one

Gymnast, straight-A student, and (future) neuropsychologist all in one

Parker Jones, Editor in Chief

December 18, 2018

The eruptions of the crowd’s cheers as she makes the award-winning tumble. The feeling of joy as she reads her NHS induction letter. The stress as she races from classes to club meetings to internships. The screeching sound of her car colliding with a tree.    From gymnast to HOSA officer to inter...

LINK Day Photo Essay

During the opening ceremony, students get to know one another with a group activity.

Parker Jones and Trinity Foreman

December 17, 2018

LoboTrax member Lilly Brinkman records a video of science teachers Jessie McFadden-Barr (left) and Christine Stricker (right), as they oversee the incoming freshmen in the day’s opening assembly. While LINK day seemed to run smoothly, the organizers faced some minor challenges that set them back, ...

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