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Zoe Watts, Editor May 25, 2021

     “I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction,” (Tahereh Mafi, New York Times Best Selling Author). Books shape our minds...

Future student body president Karstein Skildheim and current president Lute Douglas . They have worked together as this year comes to a close to make up for lost time and bring the school together. “I like getting to start the meeting and help check in with everyone and their projects for the day. It brings everyone together at the start, and it's a great feeling leading the class,” Douglas said.

So… What is a Student Body President?

May 18, 2021

       The student president is a position well known from TV shows and movies, but what they do around the school hasn’t found its way to being quite as iconic.         “I know that...

Juniors Camille Deranleau and Micah Malouff stand inside of the peer counseling office. Camille and Micah are first-year counsellors. “There is a lot I like about peer counseling, I like the team aspect, being a help to the school by spreading school spirit, and just knowing there are people for students to come see if they are having issues that are outside of the staff, which I feel makes it a more trusting environment.” Deranleau said.

Peer Counselors Persevere Through Pandemic

Elijah Roeper, Reporter May 13, 2021

       The Peer Counselors have been using both in-person and zoom meetings to counsel their peers through the pandemic.        New counselors began last semester with virtual training to...

Tipsy takes a break from playing in the snow to kiss owner and trainer Alexis Hall.

Tipsy Talks

Maya Dawson, Reporter May 11, 2021

       A six month old crosses the room, reaching for an assortment of shiny buttons. After considering them for a moment, she strikes. Thwack. A furry paw meets the blue plastic.  “Food?”...

Reagan Schneider (blue singlet) gets a concussion  from a season ending slam

Adventures of a Concussed Wrestler

Reagan Schneider, Reporter April 27, 2021

     Going into the wrestling season there was a lot of confusion on what was happening with the COVID-19 outbreak and how the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) was going to make...

Entrapta, unlike most autistic characters, shows a wide variety of emotions. In addition to breaking through the apathetic stereotype, Entrapta is also a woman and person of color; a stark difference from the majority of autistic representation. Males are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism over females, even though there is no evidence that autism is more prevalent in one gender.

Representation Matters—Not Stereotypes

Sheridan Thomas, Reporter April 22, 2021

       You have no idea what autism is. What comes to mind when you first think of autism? I bet it’s of a young boy or maybe an adult male, tolerated because of his genius but ridiculed because...

Conifer Staff Take a Break

Liam Christianson, Reporter March 2, 2021

     Everyone needs a break from school work, including the staff at Conifer High School. At CHS Principal Paxton and the school staff have a fun way to spend their off time that includes screens.  ...

Senior Memories

Maya Dawson, Editor February 27, 2021

On Friday, February 27,  Conifer seniors stopped by the school to pick up their senior shirts, paint a mural that will be hung in the new wing of the school, and take a class photo: activities that herald...

A Cozy Corner at Conifer

A Cozy Corner at Conifer

Marina Cadilli, Reporter February 23, 2021

       The Conifer Book Club is open to all students and is a great place if you are looking to hang out and talk about books! The club is run by Karen McIntosh, the Digital Library Director.         Although...

Photo Courtesy of Colorado State University

Choosing a College

Zoe Watts, Editor February 17, 2021

Taking the first step towards choosing a college is intimidating. From looking at majors to location, there are a lot of factors involved. Luckily, there are many free and easy ways to narrow down your...

Lauren Thomas, with Coach Dan Mares (left) and teammate Kylie Olson (right)

The Work Life Balance of a Competitive Athlete

Sheridan Thomas, Reporter February 17, 2021

       Lauren Thomas is a competitive softball player. As a sophomore in high school and a passionate athlete, it’s hard work to manage the balance between sports and academics.         “I...

A sea shanty playlist on Spotify

Sea Shanties Returning in Conifer

Elijah Roeper, Reporter February 12, 2021

       A sudden trend of people listening to sea shanties emerged from seemingly nowhere. Tik Tok has revitalized the genre, with Nathan Evans credited for his rendition of “The Wellerman” which...

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