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A Production Both Kooky and Spooky

Conifer and Evergreen Team up to do a New Take on the Addams Family
Erich Bohn
Cast members practice their lines and go over songs at Evergreen. “I don’t know the show super well but it’s really funny,” Griffiths said. “It was honestly surprising how funny and enjoyable it is.” The play is going through read-throughs, with some changes to the script being made at the request of the cast and the directors of the show, but the script should remain largely unchanged in its main ideas and jokes.

In a joint production between Conifer and Evergreen, The Addams Family musical is prepared to follow the world’s weirdest family as Wednesday becomes an adult. The show is expected to run from March 7 to March 9 and is still in the early stages of preparation. The casting lists have been announced and practices and line readings allow students of both schools to get into their respective roles. The Addams Family musical will be held at Evergreen and is expected to cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000 to produce, and the preparations for costumes, set designs, and props are only just starting, right now most of the focus is on preparing the actors for their roles. Although many details of the show are still not ironed out, the cast is reading their lines and going through the show diligently to get ready for their springtime performances.

“It’s funny and I think it’s interesting,” said senior Jack Griffiths, who plays the father of the Addams Family, Gomez Addams. “It’s a different take on the Addams Family now when Wednesday is all grown up and falling in love with a normal boy.”

The play features the Addams Family trying to act normal for the family of the boy that Wednesday Addams, now an adult, has fallen in love with. To the horror of the Addams however, this boy and his family are very “normal”, at least in comparison to themselves. The musical features the Addams family coming to terms with this and the “normal” family, the Beinekes, finding out that they might not be so normal after all.

“My character is a happy mother because she has had to be her entire life who has a dark side when she is forced to tell the truth about her life in her song Waiting,” said junior Ellie Smith, who plays Alice Beineke, the mother of Wednesday’s boyfriend Lucas. “The song is a big moment for her when she just crawls onto a table and screams about her life.”

 and will be performed in the spring.

“It’s not a completely settled thing yet,” Conifer theater teacher Scott Ogle said.

The cast list for the Addams Family play. Students had to provide a monologue of their choosing as well as part of a song their desired character sings to get a role in the musical. “I was kind of peer-pressured into this role almost,” sophomore Rory Jones, who plays Wednesday Addams, said. “I like to do fun things though and this was one of the things I did for fun.” The auditions were open to all students and posters were distributed throughout CHS and Evergreen. (Erich Bohn)

The auditions, held on November 13, were open to both Evergreen and Conifer students and the final cast includes a range of students, some of whom have years of experience in theater while others are doing it for their first time, although none of the character roles are Conifer students, many of the background characters and ensemble are.

“I was happy we got a couple kids from Conifer [to] come,” Evergreen theater teacher Jessica Scott said. “We want to grow all of the performing arts in the mountain area and I don’t think we have to be exclusive because the performing arts are a place to collaborate and all come together to share our talents.”

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