Conifer Track Team Readies, Sets, and Shoots for the New Season

CHS track nears the end of its preseason and the start of its regular season.


Patrick Doty

The long-distance team runs laps during practice. Different specialities on the team have separate exercises and drills and even have their own assigned coaches. “I’m the sprints and hurdles coach and I also help out with jumps,” Coach Brandon Krage said. “Essentially I oversee the day-to-day operations of getting the warm-ups in and plan most things concerning the events I coach.”

Conifer’s track team preseason is in full swing. Preparations for the upcoming races are being made and the athletes are gathering after-school to practice sprints, runs, and other drills. This team has several different pieces, with different athletes occupying various roles, whether it be long-distance, short-distance, long jumps, hurdles, or another of the myriad of events that track entails.

“In track, there are 19 events, and at League, we can enter three people for each event,” Head Coach Brian Stotts said. “Historically we’ve been very good at the distance events but if we ever want to be succeeding in League we are going to need to be scoring in the throwing events, the sprinting events, the jumping events, etc.”

The focus put on different events is part of an effort to round out the team and improve its weaknesses. Succeeding at competitions is not their only goal, though. The team also seeks to break their own personal records. Some athletes have also been working in multiple fields at once to balance out the team by building up different events.

Members of the track team rest during practice. The track team participates in meets that include most of the schools in Jeffco. These meets are expected not to be scheduled on weekends, a change from the previous years. “We want our athletes to have more free time on the weekends and don’t want to scare people away,” Stotts said. (Patrick Doty)

“I am a sprinter, long jumper, and a team captain, which means I work with the rest of the team to do well at the meets,” senior Jackson Cook said. “Every meet counts our times and we are getting faster and better overall.”

All practices, drills and meets are overseen by the various team coaches. One such coach is Brandon Krage.

“I’ve always done track since my sophomore year of high school,” Krage said. “I really enjoy seeing these kids have success and seeing them improve like I used to.”

The intensity of the track team may drive some away, but those on the team share a bond. Track gives time to share experiences between teammates and to socialize in a safe environment.

“For many kids, when they get to practice and join up, they feel like this is the best part of their day,” Stotts said.