Lobo Regiment’s Descent to Darkness

Marching band reflects on 2022-2023 season


Carly Potter

During their second movement, the band has a few measures of visuals to perform in place of playing their instruments. This takes place during a slow solo.

The Lobo Regiment’s 2022 show was “Descent to Darkness.” One of the more popular works the show features is the song Dies Eres. In the show, the band is consumed by a darkness, starting with the cologuard and drum majors, and learns to embrace it throughout the three movements. The band scored well at their regional competition and went forward to state, placing 8th overall. State on October 31 marked the end of the season. 

“There have been times where I’ve thought of new show ideas for next year, and someone will point out to me- ‘the show you’re not here for?’ And it hits me,” senior Kendall Eurick said. “And it’s like, oh my god, I’m not going to be here next year.”

The seniors aren’t the only ones upset about the conclusion of the season, the rest of the band is feeling it too. Seniors are typically section leaders or play a leadership role during the season.

“I’ve been really sad. I’m sad for the seniors, too, the colorguard seniors- they’ve been my rock. They’ve been my main supporting thing,” sophomore Sarah Harker said. “There are so many people that are important to me in the marching band that I don’t get to do this again with next year. That’s going to be a very new experience.”

Marching band is a very independent and individual activity, but also something that can’t be done without a unified group of people. It matters greatly whether or not every individual is doing their part correctly. 

“The season went, progressed on, and it kept just getting faster and faster. Then, all of a sudden, we were at state and it was the last performance. That was that; it was just over all of the sudden. During that short time, I grew really close with a lot of my bandmates, too,” junior Shiloh Vannice said.

The band had their end of season banquet on November 14th in the cafeteria. Families attended and watched the band’s last performance at state with them, which was followed by an awards ceremony and a potluck.

“If you do your best, no matter the mistakes, you can’t regret anything because you did your best and that’s all that’s in your control. I was thinking the whole time, for all my friends that are either seniors or that I won’t see next year, this is their last performance and I have to give my all for them,” Vannice said. “And, it was a wonderful performance. It was the best performance I’ve ever done.”