Preparing for a Game

How marching band prepares for a show at a football game


Right before their halftime performance at the football game.

The Lobo Regiment was hard at work preparing for their first football game of the season. The commitment that the members have to bring music to the game is admirable.

Practicing for the game takes place both in school and after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. All students are required to attend all practices. They are usually at school for 6-8 hours a week practicing and still prepare for the show at home.

“Those usually consist of playing through our pep tunes, choosing which ones sound good so we can play them at the game, and just making sure everyone knows the proper etiquette,” Drum Major Carly Gets said.

Over half of the regiment is in the band for the first time this year due to Covid. Despite this, everyone is learning at an impressive pace. A flute player, Grace Hart, who is in the marching band for her fourth year, feels pretty confident about the game.

“I’m used to it. I know it’s not a huge deal, it’s pretty laid back. I feel ready,” Hart said.

She has been helping the other kids figure out things like visuals and helping them with practice. Visuals are how the marching band moves about and how the flags move. They can help enhance the performance. According to the band director, Sean Cartner, they are on schedule and ready to play during the show. He is excited to showcase his student’s hard work at the game and upcoming competitions.

“The biggest issue every year is always getting the binders of all of our pep tunes organized,” Getz said “ We have had so many over the years, and we change them every single year to fit what would work and what would make the student section excited to be there,”

Cartner and Getz have a lot of faith in the kids in the marching band and are looking forward to the game this Friday.

“It is so great being able to have a marching band again! It is a big-time commitment, but it is totally worth it,” Cartner said.