Podcasts Coming to Conifer High School

     For the first time ever, Conifer High School will have student created and produced podcasts. These podcasts are being made through the media classes led by Leslie Thompson. 

     Two series will kick start the new tab on CHS Today. The first one, Food Mood, will be about trying and rating odd food and drinks. Each episode will feature a theme. 

     The second one, Car Talks, will be covering various conversation topics ranging from mental illness to what animals fictional characters would be. Both podcasts will take requests from the student body. 

     Each series will have new episodes out weekly, and they will be of varying lengths. 

     Editor and Podcast Co-Host, Haylee Williams, said, “It’s a good feeling to be able to be a part of our school’s first podcast. Hopefully everyone will be able to have fun with it. We will be doing a lot and taking submissions.”

     The media team reserves the right to reject any submissions. Students will be able to find the submission form on the student media website in the coming weeks.