So… What is a Student Body President?

Future student president Karstein Skildheim discusses next year’s responsibilities


Marina Cadilli

Future student body president Karstein Skildheim and current president Lute Douglas . They have worked together as this year comes to a close to make up for lost time and bring the school together. “I like getting to start the meeting and help check in with everyone and their projects for the day. It brings everyone together at the start, and it’s a great feeling leading the class,” Douglas said.

       The student president is a position well known from TV shows and movies, but what they do around the school hasn’t found its way to being quite as iconic. 

       “I know that we have a student body president, but I have no idea what they do. I mean they probably help run things, but what things? I’m not sure.” senior Sydney Reinoehl said. 

       When asked, 87% of people said they didn’t know what the Student Body President did.

       “It’s interesting, but it doesn’t really bother me if people don’t know what we do. As long as we help set up events and help with what we need to, it’s okay,” current Student Body President, Lute Douglas, said. “Honestly many of the things we do don’t affect that many people.”

       Student government is in charge of events, graduation, clubs and many other things around the school. The clubs and organizations that are helped by the president benefit greatly, but many students are left unaffected by the decisions. 

       “The student body president is in charge of the student body, so they are in charge of student government and generally finding ways to involve students in the school.”  student government teacher Owen Volzke said.  

       The president also helps approve fundraisers, helps make sure clubs run efficiently, and helps structure the pep rallies, including speaking at them. Most importantly, they help the student government run smoothly. This year has looked different though, with a lack of pep rallies and few events being allowed with COVID-19 restrictions. 

       Usually the transition between presidents happens just before April so the newly elected junior president will plan the upcoming prom and can take the lead into the next year, but because there was not a prom last year the planning this year has been a joint effort between current president Lute Douglas and future president Karsten Skildheim.

       “I’m excited about planning prom, and it’s really fun that we get to have one this year with everything that has happened,” Skildheim said. “Next year I hope to create more service projects for people at Conifer to get involved in, and help connect the school more.”

       The student body presidential election is widely known across the school, but the results and the reactions seem to get lost, even if the president is in charge of getting students involved with one another and the community. 

       “I’m already involved in the NHS, DECA, and Student Government, so I’ll be able to connect different parts of the school.” Skildheim said. “I will lead to lots of fun projects next year, and hopefully build a more connected student body.”