Travel Terror


Maddie Potter

Dream vacations were given up by many as the reality of Covid set in

    Trips to the beach and exotic new experiences have been put on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel within America has been put under strict regulations, starting with an international travel ban in March.

     “We were going to this specific place in Italy that was on the southern coast,” sophomore Corey Neumeier said. “We made all the plans in January and February, and then March hit about a week or so before we were supposed to leave and that completely threw everything out of whack.”

     Neumeier’s trip was canceled with the first wave of the travel ban in March. All international travel was blocked and many countries have maintained a similar travel ban to prevent the spread of Covid.

     “I was scheduled to go to Peru with my Spanish class,” sophomore Gina Elliot said. “At first I was pretty upset when it was canceled because it was something that we were planning to do and we looked forward to something fun to do with friends. It was going to be my first time going out of the country.”

    With time though, Elliot was able to recognize the perks of her trip being canceled. She received a full refund and was able to put the money towards something to enjoy at home.

     “I’m happy that they cancelled it when they did instead of us going to and having to be quarantined there for a while,” she said, “We used the money to put towards a new horse and that definitely made me feel a lot better”.

     Fortunately, not everyone’s travels got canceled. There were strict health and safety precautions but some people were able to travel for Thanksgiving. 

     “All the airports were only letting in a certain amount of people and everybody had to wear a mask and stay socially distanced,” freshman Carly Potter said. “To go to Hawaii you had to get a Covid test at most three days before you traveled”.

     Travel in airports has become so restricted that many families have started taking road trips to places close to home instead of flying. Despite this fact, many people still look forward to when travel is less restricted.

     “I definitely hope for travel to open up again and for things to return to normal,” Elliot said.