Romanticizing Life

Generation Z Changing The Way They View Life

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You can see it everywhere you look. In trends, in hobbies, and even in how they talk. Generation Z has started to change how they go about life. They have become optimistic in a sense and romanticize the way they view the world. 

A popular aesthetic called ‘Dark Academia’ portrays this well. Shows like ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Sherlock’ use it to show a certain way of life. The aesthetic is characterized by old buildings, piles of well-read books, and reading classic literature by candlelight. It has a heavy focus on learning, but doing it in style. 

The ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic has prompted a trend across multiple social media platforms. One Instagram page run by a woman named Sydney Decker has gained some fame by posting pictures based on this very aesthetic. One look at her page, under the handle @myfairesttreasure, and the appeal is clear. It’s like private school, but better in every possible way. 

Popular tik-toker, Declan Lyman, said, “A good part of Dark Academia is aesthetics. But, the more you explore the styles, the more you connect to other people like you. The main point here is a common desire to learn.”

Generation Z also often tries to find adventure in their lives. This could look like going to 7/11 at 2:03 in the morning, or it could be a long drive in the mountains or city with a few friends, blasting music. A good adventure does not need to be big and full of challenges to overcome, sometimes it’s just doing something unexpected. 

“I go to abandoned places for fun, it always ends up being a neat experience to have. I think it’s just making up your stories in the end,” Junior, Moira Benish-Kingsbury, said.

Instagram is a place where we show the best versions of ourselves. It’s also where people define their image to the world. On many teenagers’ pages, you are sure to find bits and pieces of what makes them, them. 

“I used to just put whatever on my page, but recently I spent more time trying to be more artistic,” Junior Haylee Williams said, “I try to see what makes me happy instead of going with the status quo.”

Someone who romanticizes their life will have it show in the smallest things they do. They might pick flowers and press them in books, read poetry in their free time, or randomly give their friends compliments. 

In an age of fear and controversy, romanticizing one’s life could help people see the beauty in our world. Maybe that’s just what we need.