Remote vs. Hybrid Learning

A Student’s Perspective On The Return To School

Carson Kennedy

Juniors Marina Cadilli and Nate Allem sit apart but close enough to consult as they work on stories for the newspaper. You can see their work at

Summer’s end once again brought the return to school, however, this time students had a big decision to make, in person or online? This choice split the students, those who wanted to be in the classroom and those who didn’t.

Many students have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn in person again, saying that they dislike remote learning. Several found it hard to learn online last semester and have been anxiously awaiting the return to their classrooms.

“Personally, I don’t like it at all,” sophomore, Lauren Thomas, said, “It makes it more difficult for me to focus on schoolwork at home. When I’m laying on my bed with my computer in front of me, I would much rather go back to sleep than listen to a lecture at 7:35 in the morning.” 

Some students have felt isolated due to social distancing and online learning hasn’t helped. The return to school through hybrid learning has given students the opportunity to see their peers again.

“I miss being around people,” junior, Moira Benish-Kingsbury, said, “I struggle with online. I think hybrid learning is gonna suck. I want things to go back to normal, but if it’s going to hurt  people I’m willing to do hybrid.”

However, this is not the case for everybody. Some students felt that they would be more comfortable doing school online full-time rather than returning to the classroom, such as sophomore Carly Getz.

“I chose to do remote learning full time because I value consistency in my learning over everything else,” Getz said, “I feel that it was a good decision to give other students the option to go back because we all learn and function differently from one another, and have varying needs in our education.”