Conifer’s Dungeons and Dragons Club

Conifer Students Start a Dungeons and Dragons Club


Photo by Elijah Roeper

Sophomores Victor Rogalski and Drew McDowell continue their campaign in the world of D&D.

Students of Conifer High have begun a Dungeons and Dragons club during lunch.

“It’s kind of just a fantasy role-playing game,” sophomore Sean Jenovai said. “It’s basically you do random crap and see what the consequences are. You need dice, character sheets, and imagination.”

The events of the game relate to how people choose to play it, and how the maps/events had been planned beforehand.

“It’s been fun,” sophomore Liam Healey said. “It’s a lot more open-ended than I expected. A lot of dice rolling and a lot of open endedness. It’s really quite simple.” 

The basics of Dungeons and Dragons consists of player-made scenarios and maps. The scenarios change depending on character statistics and dice rolling. Players make their own characters with their own statistics, including Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Players can also choose skills that increase these statistics.

“For me, it’s a very fun game,” sophomore Victor Rogalski said. “I love it because it’s very open-ended and it doesn’t take a lot to play. It doesn’t take a lot to play, all you really need are dice, and you don’t need physical dice because you can just get online dice rollers, and all of the information for it is online. Plus, as I said it’s very open-ended, so you can do literally whatever you want within a fantasy environment.”

The goal of D&D depends on what the DM (Dungeon Master) chooses it to be. The Adventures that the DM chooses are either purchased or made themself, and the lengths can vary from a one-session game to one that may take months. There are also campaigns, which are multiple sessions with the same group of people. As people play through different sessions, they earn experience points and when a person reaches a certain amount they gain a level that increases hit points and allows them to add a proficiency bonus.