Special Ed. and Regular Classes


Senior Hunter Sanders details his experiences in high school

Being one of the students in the Special Ed. Program has been interesting and I was a part of it for middle school too. But I was in my own classes without the students, and the same thing is happening for high school. I’m going to talk about my experience with being in the Special Ed. Program and being in regular classes at the same time.


In West Jeff Middle School I was put into a classroom that was for kids with disabilities, they had PARA’s and a teacher, and every day they are in the classroom to learn and do subjects like math and reading. A PARA is short for Paraprofessional Educator. They are classroom assistants that help the students with learning. The students and PARA’s go to regular classes like P.E. and social studies. I was a part of all of that and it was pretty fun. I did go to regular classes on my own and I’ve met some of the other students that were in the classroom and became friends with them.


After middle school, me and most of the students that I knew from the classroom went to Conifer High and was put into a classroom similar to middle school called The Special Ed. Program. Freshman year was pretty easy because I had PARA’s to help me, but I knew it was going to get harder as the years went by, and it did.


By junior year, I was going to classes by myself without anyone going with me and it was going well. Senior year is going pretty good but it’s becoming stressful for me and I know it’s going to be more stressful down the line, but it won’t stop me doing what I love most.