How to Increase Your SAT Score

Study up


It is that time of the year again where the stress is overwhelming, as students try to cram as much knowledge as they can into their brains before taking the SAT. If every test taker follows these five tips their SAT score will dramatically go up.


  • Skim Passages: This tip applies to slow readers, more so than fast ones. A good tip is reading the introduction and conclusion, and the first and last sentences in each paragraph. The reader should not have much more difficulty answering the questions than if they were to read the whole passage.
  • Use Process of Elimination: It is a good idea to cross out each one of the answers one by one to be confident in the final answer. Almost always, especially in the reading section, the correct answer will be the one supported by direct evidence from the text.
  • Skip Tough Questions: Skipping challenging questions is a good idea for more time and a better score. It is annoying to run out of time during the test. This technique will help give the test taker more time. Circling or starring the question so if there is time at the end, it is not difficult to come back to it. Why spend time on a hard question when completing an easier one that there might not have been time for.
  • Bubble at the End:  It will serve well to go through the entire test booklet and circle your answers, rather than going through the inconvenience of reading a question then having to switch to the answer sheet. This wastes valuable time that should be spent thinking through questions and answers.
  • Deep Breaths: Finally, staying cool and collected may be one of the most important things to remember. Feeling anxious about the test will only negatively affect you in the long run. Why stress about something before it happens? This a great piece of advice about feeling stress about getting a low score. Remember, you can always redo this test so don’t feel too much pressure your first time through.


By following these five tips, the test taker should get the SAT score they have always hoped for.