A Movie Under the Stars

Student Government Freshmen Hosting a School Movie Night

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   Though most students can’t stand the thought of being at the school past 2:35, Student Government is encouraging them to do just that by hosting an after-hours event on the football field aimed towards the entire student body and the community; the catch is that it isn’t related to academics.

   On April 27th, the new movie Jumanji will be shown on the football field at 8PM. Students and families are welcome to bring snacks and blankets, and admission will be $5. The upcoming movie night has been completely planned and promoted by the freshmen in StudGov, letting them gain experience organizing, hosting, and advertising an event.

   “We have four classes in Student Government, and the freshman class has to do a couple fundraisers to bring up money and have the school get involved in activities and after school things,” freshman Emily Yunakov said. “We decided to do a movie night, and instead of doing it in a gym with a projector, we thought more people would come if it was outside on the field, so that’s how we got it going.”

   The night’s ticket proceeds will go towards the freshmen’s 2020 junior prom. While it may seem premature to raise funds for an event that’s two years away, it’s important to plan far ahead due to prom’s many expenses, from DJ to venue to food.

   “Every year, the [freshman] class has to raise money for prom so they can have a prom their year,” Yunakov said. “We’re trying to make it better for everybody in the school.”

   In order to get the word out about the fundraiser, the freshmen have been posting flyers and informing the community of the event. This has been great practice in marketing, a skill that students will need in their future years in StudGov.

   “We’ve been talking in class, we made posters and put them up, and we went to the middle school because we’re inviting eighth graders to come,” Yunakov said. “We’ve also been talking to sponsors, we’ve been talking to teachers and faculty and students about it, and we’ve been trying to get the word out.”

   Now that prom is over and the school year is drawing to a close, StudGov has only a few more events left in the year. Movie Night will come and go, but StudGov plans to hold similar events in the future that will bring students together.

   “Now we only have our committee work left, which includes Day Without Hate, teacher appreciation gifts, and the end of year barbeque,” freshman Elena Eddy said.

  The end of year barbeque will be held on May 4th, and the entire student body is invited.