The Glitz and Glamour of Mile High Station

Prom’s successes from every point of view

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   Students from Conifer made their way to Mile High Station in Denver for prom on Friday, April 13th. The DJ was suspended in the air above the dance floor, there were stacks of cake and cookies, and the sounds of kids playing pool echoed off the walls. Overall, most people in attendance enjoyed the dance, and there were few complaints about how it went.

   Student Government puts in loads of work for a variety of school events, but prom is the culmination of all of this. The dance has been in the works for over a year, and the budget comes from fundraising during previous years of school.

   “I was really proud finally being there after all of the work that we [student government] put in to make prom as good as it was,” junior Layla Smith said. “Next year, we’re definitely going to keep the seating area idea, because a lot of people used it to rest. Our proms keep getting better, so I’m really excited to see what we can do next year, especially after we get all of the suggestions from this year taken into account.”

   The reviews were more positive than negative, but some students definitely had some complaints about prom, mostly based on the price.

   “I think that I was expecting more for the price that we paid, but it was still fun. I thought that the decorations could have been more related to the theme, but the DJ was really great, and I love the elegance of prom. Seeing everyone looking and feeling good makes it a good time regardless of the venue and decorations,” junior Hannah Hladik said.  

   Though the dance was a bit pricey for some people’s taste, the DJ and overall feeling of prom made it worth the money for most. The Mile High Station had a unique setup, and the balcony looking over the dance floor was a plus for those who didn’t want to dance the entire time.

   “The venue and the DJ were amazing, and I liked how you could still be around everyone even if you weren’t dancing,” junior Sierra Fortin said. “You could stand upstairs and be away from everything but still a part of it.”

   One thing that couldn’t have been helped or hurt by StudGov was the solidarity of the students at prom. Compliments were flying around throughout the night, and the music appealed to most of the student body.

   “My favorite part was probably when all of the students got in a big circle and whoever wanted to could dance in the middle. Everyone was cheering and being so supportive; there wasn’t any judgement, and we really felt like one school,” junior Paige Ringelberg said.