How to make customized SLIME

The possibilities are endless.

Needed Items:

  • A mixing bowl
  • Clear liquid glue
  • A spoon

    Kids love Slime!  First created as a toy by Mattel,  it has since become something that families create in their own homes. This homemade aspect allows for the slime to be customized in everything from its texture to its elasticity to its color. Each ingredient modifies a different part of the slime, creating an easy, engaging, and fun project for anyone.

    To begin creating slime, add clear liquid glue to the mixing bowl. The glue creates a base for the slime that helps to hold all of the ingredients together. Any brand will work, but clear glue tends to work best. The measurement does not need to be exact. However, the amount of glue used changes the consistency of the resulting slime, so feel free to experiment. If the slime is too liquidy add more glue to balance it out.  Choose one of the ingredients on the list below to enhance the slime. The list of ingredients is extensive, and provides a lot of possibilities.


  1. Shaving cream – For a fluffier slime, add shaving cream. The more shaving cream the fluffier the final product will be.
  2. Liquid starch – Liquid starch can be used to create a more stretchy slime; mix it into the concoction and stir until the slime pulls away from the sides of the bowl. If the mixture is too sticky add more starch.
  3. Food Coloring – Adding food coloring to the mixture can create a desired color. The more food coloring added the darker the final color will be, and the less added the lighter it will be.
  4. Glow in the dark paint – When used in place of food coloring glow in the dark paint can give the slime those properties of the paint, creating an eerie cool glow when the lights go off. This accompanied with neon food coloring that matches the color of the paint’s glow can give it a look in the light to accompany the glow in the dark.  
  5. Glitter -Adding glitter to the slime can give it an inner sparkle that many find aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Iron oxide powder – Iron oxide powder can turn the slime magnetic. This can add many more layers to the fun. However, the downside is that it hardly works with any magnet other than a rare earth (or neodymium)  magnet because they are not strong enough to attract the powder.

THE FINAL INGREDIENT – Borax is the final ingredient. It solidifies and turns the slime from a goopy mess that sticks skin into a smooth and slick toy that resists sticking to hands. Shampoo can serve as a replacement for borax if necessary.


    Finally, after creating the mixture and mixing in the borax, rinse the slime with water to clear off any remaining residue and to create the final product.  Enjoy!