Elective Extravaganza

Conifer students invited to an elective showcase this Wednesday

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Just days into the spring semester, the counseling office is already abuzz with a consistent stream of students trickling in and out for tips and guidance on registering for next year’s classes. In order to make the decision of entering Spanish or choir easier, electives teachers will be holding a showcase for kids of all grades.

   On Wednesday, January 17th, all students are invited to the cafeteria from 8AM to 9AM for a showcase of the electives Conifer has to offer, just in time for registration week.

   “You look through the online [course] book, and it’s like, ‘Well, what’s this class and that?’” Assistant Principal and Activities Director Gretchen Swanson said. “So, [the showcase] is an opportunity for students to really go ask any questions they have, see what the classes are like, what the requirements are, and just go from there.”

   Teachers use the annual showcase as an opportunity to get the word out about their programs and encourage kids to embrace things they are passionate about or that they could see themselves doing.

   “Most of my students are kids who have been doing music their whole lives, and so for me, it’s just about finding those kids who have been involved in music who haven’t done it at school before,” band teacher Tucker Ewer said.

   Additionally, classes that students typically wouldn’t consider electives, such as World Language and Engineering, will be there to show kids how they can benefit from taking those courses, whether it be by gaining real-world skills or picking up good habits for college.

   “For Spanish, we usually bring the textbook,” Spanish teacher Melissa Trask said. “We show some student work, so we’ll bring postcards or stories. We try to bring artifacts so that kids can see, “Hey, I can do this. By the end of Spanish 1, I can sing this song and read this book. I can actually do something with the language just in one year.’”

   On the day following the electives showcase, Conifer will be hosting a curriculum showcase night for incoming freshmen. The event is also meant to show students the many different offered courses, except it will double as a way to welcome eighth graders to the school.

   “We’re going to showcase all of the core area departments [for the eighth graders]… and we’re going to have clubs and activities there and sports teams as well,” Swanson said. “It’s to show what Conifer has to offer for all those new kids who have never been here and also talk about the registration process.”

   Both nights will offer both new and older students the opportunity to learn more about Conifer’s programs and possibly pick up a new elective or class.

   “I think it’s just for any student who hasn’t found their place or where they really enjoy being in the school, especially for our younger students,” Ewer said. “They can find something they really enjoy doing and something that makes them look forward to coming to school.”