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Why Are Seniors Wearing Odd Backpacks?

This year’s class of seniors wear children’s backpacks, following with a yearly senior tradition
Erich Bohn
Senior Hayden Hinton at the beginning of the school day in Lobo Lab sports a child-sized backpack that displays characters from the Disney film “Encanto”. These small backpacks vary in color and appearance, but one constant seems to be that the school bag must be several sizes too small for its wearer.

A yearly tradition for seniors in CHS has been to wear small, childish, or weird backpacks to school every day. After the previous school year when few seniors participated in the event, the tradition seems to be making a comeback with several upperclassmen being seen sporting interesting backpacks in the halls and in classrooms.

“I go down to Warren Tech and all my friends there have funny backpacks,” senior Hayden Hinton said. “It’s only 15 bucks at Staples.”

The trend has no definitive start but appears to have been ongoing for several years, with teachers beginning to notice the oddity of the backpacks their students are carrying. The backpacks are themed around movies, video games, franchises, and other pop culture references.

A senior leaving school following dismissal wears a backpack themed after the popular video game “Minecraft”. The tradition is year-long and requires seniors to be conservative with their bag capacity as the backpacks often have very limited space for school supplies and notebooks due to their small size. (Erich Bohn)

“I’ve been seeing them around for a few years,” math teacher David Shirk said. “I didn’t know it was a tradition for seniors but I’ve definitely noticed over the years students wearing those [backpacks],”

The light-hearted effect the backpacks create appears to be a factor in why the tradition has seen a resurgence. The backpacks also give seniors a chance to express their individuality and celebrate their last year at CHS.

“I think it’s funny,” Shirk said.

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