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Monkeys Declare War On Balloons

Review of Bloons TD6, a new version of a classic game.
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A screenshot from the original bloons tower defense released in 2007 played on NK Games.

What is the biggest threat to endangered monkeys, the one thing that can end thousands upon millions of monkey lives? SMALL, MULTI-COLORED, RUBBER BALLOONS, that’s right the deadliest enemy to monkeys are balloons. And what better way to destroy this threat than the humble metal dart?

Introducing Bloons TD6, made by the one and only Ninja Kiwi, a game where you place monkeys around a map to stop an army of balloons from reaching the end of a maze.

For 16 dollars on Steam and Epic Games, it truly is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Bloons TD, the original version of the game, was first released on, which still offers this version for free. 

Bloons TD6 has improved many things since the original came out in 2007 and not just graphically. For the most part, everything has changed about the game, from the towers used to the upgrades that each monkey can have. 

The simplest unit is the humble dart monkey who chucks a metal dart at the balloons to pop them. This Nobel tower has been the core of the series, the icon of the publisher’s (ninjakiwi) flagship product.  

A screenshot from Bloons TD6 on the map Monkey Meadows using one of the most effective strategies in the game, using more dart monkeys than needed. (Leo Nickerson)

Even though this tower has been in every version of the game, it has been given some major updates over the years. From the simple one-path upgrade system in the original to the refurbished three-path system in Bloons TD 6 the paths give it many more options, from throwing more darts, to seeing the elusive camo balloons, and even popping balloons made of lead with a catapult that hucks massive spike balls.

Although the core gameplay has stayed the same, multiple different things were added in each new installment in the series. However, according to Ninjakiwi Bloons TD6 will be the final version of the game, from here on out they only plan to update Bloons TD6 instead of releasing more versions. 

The multiplayer is one of the main reasons to buy Bloons TD6. From the many jokes about player 3 sitting in the corner of the map doing nothing but generating money to the satisfaction of seeing round 99 turn to round 100, the multiplayer is one of the best things about the game. Although there is no free chat you can use emojis to communicate which does make this game very family friendly. 

The map screen from Bloons TD6 on mobile device. (Leo Nickerson)

Looking to spice up the game? There is more than just the original map of Monkey Meadows to play on. Most maps hold their challenges but many have lots of secrets in them. It could be as simple as removing an object to free up more space for more monkeys to finding oompa loompa-themed monkeys in a Candy Valley. 

It’s a simple but fun game, a game you would play in a movie theater or at home during family reunions. It’s not an action-packed first-person shooter seen in Call Of Duty, but it’s also not a slow and somber game like Stardew Valley. It’s the perfect mixture of exciting and slow-paced.

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