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The Sex Update

Cult of the lamb adds a meme as a new system
Photo taken from the official steam store page update log.

Cult of the lamb, a game released 11 August  2022 has recently had an update that has added as much content as a dlc would but instead of paying $20 for it the creators of the game, Massive Monsters, have decided to release this content for absolutely free. This new update has added bars, beer, a mating tent, a drum ring, four new rituals, a new blunderbuss weapon, five new followers, better cleaning systems, new types of fertilizer, and last but definitely not least a new sin system. 

Firstly, the bar, one of the newest additions to the game and one of the ways to generate the new sin mechanic, with this they added three new crops to the game to help create alcohol like barley and grapes. Each type of alcohol generates a different amount of sin from something small like beer to something like eggnog which out of all the other drinks presented generates the most sin 

Sin is the newest currency added to the game, collected from followers by letting them or forcing them to commit sinful acts that go from walking around naked to causing bar fights after consuming a suspicious amount of alcohol. It’s an interesting system that causes a lot of seemingly random stuff to occur during the day to day gameplay of cult of the lamb. 

Sin is used for something other than just bragging right. Currently its the only way to use most of the newly added content from the update as well as upgrading the visual style of the cults temple. 

Next is the mating tent and hatchery. Before you had to run into the dungeon to get followers recruiting them by buying them from a weird looking spider or by saving them from old religion members, now you can get two followers to mate and produce an egg for your cult, the decision of what the baby will look like is completely random however the traits they come with are up to the player to pick, bad or good.

After picking the new followers traits the player has to take care of this new child, although this system is as simple as petting it so there is next to no challenge at all when it comes to raising a child in this new update.
Photo Provided by Leo Nickerson

Before the update the dungeons only had melee weapons to fight with but now a gun has been added. The new blunderbuss, a three shot weapon that’s incredibly effective at close range and deals good amounts of damage to enemies throughout the dungeon, it also has a heavy attack that is a long range sniper shot making it easy to kill enemies no matter where they are on the battlefield. The only downside to the blunderbuss is the ammo, after three shots the player has to wait about three seconds from all the shots to reload. However, there is nothing stopping the player from firing one shot at a time and waiting half a second for the reload.

The best way by far to generate sin as fast as possible is by using the new drum circle, you pick a follower to get sin added too then you play a easy to understand and honestly quite simple drum minigame to complete the drum cycle event, after which the followers sin bar is maxed out, the drum circle minigame can be screwed up but it still generates sin depending on how good the player did at it.

Besides some new buildings four new rituals have been added to the game, one of them is the much advertised ritual of lust where everyone walks around naked for a day and does nothing at all but generate sin. On the complete opposite side of that happy ritual is the cannibal ritual where one follower is devoured to produce sin for everyone else, although this may seem bad the amount of sin produced from this ritual is beyond amazing as it increases not just one followers sin but all of your followers sin. Those are the two main rituals added. The other two are fairly small, just pushing sin onto someone else and the ritual or wrath which just destroys a few buildings for an increase in sin. Some of the more minor things added to the game in this update include a handful of new followers added to the game, the Hammerhead, Ladybug, Tiger, Llama, and Sphynx. All of these new follower forms can be found throughout the world much like any other follower can. Atop that the new cleaning system added a mechanic to the broom other than sweeping up messes, this mechanic hilariously enough lets the play upgrade the broom, though this updated system also applies to janitor station which got a new tier added which lets followers clean up more messes as well as the bathrooms, letting you spend more time down in the dungeon. What better to do with this new cleaning system than cleaning up poop from the followers who ignore the bathrooms, although ridiculous on the surface the new fertilizer is a welcomed update to the farming system, letting you grow crops instantly or making them drop the maximum amount of resources possible.

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