Conifer Staff Take a Break

     Everyone needs a break from school work, including the staff at Conifer High School. At CHS Principal Paxton and the school staff have a fun way to spend their off time that includes screens.

     Paxton says that everyone needs time off from school, including himself. 

     “The VR headset is a great way to break away from the school work and blow off the stress of everything,”Paxton said. “It feels like a breath of fresh air to take a break and just hang with others in a new and cool way.”

     Paxton and his staff have been playing with virtual reality for a few weeks now, and they’ve been participating in multiplayer games and trying out new ones too.

     “Even though the only game that we’ve been playing with each other is minigolf in VR it has been a blast playing others,” Paxton said. “The other ones I play are Beat Saber, and that gives you a good workout when you’re my age.”

     Annie Wesselhoff, principal’s assistant, has also been enjoying VR, and has been playing a favorite franchise of hers, Star Wars.

     “We only really play the headsets when no students are at the school or right after they go home,” Wesselhoff said. “We also like to play Star Wars as well, where you are put into a scenario and defend yourself and others. It’s just a great time.”

     VR is a welcome distraction for the office staff, but staying on too long can cause distractions and keep others at bay from getting the work done. 

     “We only like to take just small breaks, staying on too long for like an hour can have some issues with the team,” Paxton said.

     VR is a new way to hang out with friends and see what they’re made of.

     “Something I would like to see in the future is having kids with their own headsets to see what they are made of,” Paxton said. “Something like that would teach us what we don’t know about VR.”