A Cozy Corner at Conifer


       The Conifer Book Club is open to all students and is a great place if you are looking to hang out and talk about books! The club is run by Karen McIntosh, the Digital Library Director. 

       Although McIntosh started the club, it is mostly student-led. The students get to pick out the book and lead discussions. 

      “We picked a random name, and they picked their top three books, and then we all got to vote on which one we wanted,” freshman Jaden Jay said. This makes it so the books are something everyone wants to read, and something everyone will enjoy. 

       The club meets about once a month through google meets to discuss whatever book they are currently reading. They also have google hangouts which they use to talk throughout the month. 

       “I like just getting to read different styles of books because I’m very narrow-minded in what I read so now these other books allow me to see new types of books,” freshman Forellen Bonham, said. 

       They set a time to have the book finished and then they just read, which freshman Baylee Tesch said is her favorite part. “We get to read at our own pace, there’s no pressure.”

       The club is very relaxed and is just a place where people can chat about books and meet new people. 

       Those people aren’t always students, as when they finished their last book, the club got to meet with the author of Watermarked, Danielle Butler, and have a conversation with the very person who wrote it. “We asked her questions and theories about the book,” Tesch said.

       If you are interested in joining you can email Karen McIntosh at [email protected] to learn more. 

       McIntosh was very excited that the club got started this year. “It’s just a nice place for people to meet and talk about reading, and to learn different perspectives!”