COVID vs. Finals

Students just relax


Riley Patton

Early morning sunlight illuminates the construction project on the football field.

Conifer High School is preparing for the bombardment of students who will soon take their finals on December 17th, but COVID-19 is still spreading and students and teachers will have an even harder time teaching and studying for finals online.

Sophomore James Moran thinks that finals will be easier for him and other students. “You will at least have a little less stress because this time you have more extensions for projects and essays because now you’re at home and not at school, but when you’re at school, the teacher is there to check on everyone including you,” Moran said. “Before finals when everyone was not on a computer it was wait wait wait and wait but now you have more time online so you can just revise your assignments and work and have more of a chill side to it.”

Conifer students have already been studying and most don’t feel stress thanks to being online, but what happens if students get COVID themselves, and what if students are affected by COVID? It could change the way they think through their finals.

“I can see students being affected by COVID,” Sophomore Ethan Fox said. “People can get drowsy and not think clearly, I know people who are like this right before finals and before COVID ever started.” 

Ethan believes that COVID could change the mindset students have about finals but thinks that it won’t be that drastic because students feel stressed and drowsy from finals most of the time.

“This stuff can come from stress and over work, once and awhile take your time and not study super hard. That’s some advice for the freshman this year.”

COVID can and will affect others in different ways, so studying hard is not always the answer.  Find your own way to take the time off from your studies.

“Something I try to do and calm down before or after finals is play some video games with friends, play guitar, and just forget about finals for a minute,” Moran said.