Teen Idol

Who Are Gen Z’s Idols?


Photo created by Haylee Williams

Teens idols have been around for generations, inspiring the population’s youth. Gen Z are no different in this regard, but just who are Gen Z’s idols?

“Christina Koch and Alexei Leonov are my idols because they are both pioneers of space,” Sophomore Rhys Hanson said, “Every generation has had its frontier. I think space is the frontier our generation will conquer.”

Idols have the ability to influence and encourage people, they can push people to do their best and work hard. Such is the case for Sophomore Liam Christianson whose idol is his step-dad.

“He inspires me to do what I can and to try to succeed until I reach my limits,” Christianson said.

Many of the people that teenagers idolize are also people that hold similar values to the people who idolize them. Idols can also be people that teenagers want to be more like.

I aspire to be the kind of person Wilbur Soot is; sweet, kind, funny, expressive, and loyal,” Junior Nate Allem said.

Political figures can also be a part of the people that make up who teen idols are. Kamala Harris and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are both idols of some CHS students.

“She was a pioneer in the fight for women’s rights and participated in a variety of landmark supreme courses that affect daily life as we know it.” Sophomore Maya Dawson, whose idol is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said.

Overall, idols are the people in our society that have an impact on people. They are the ones who entertain, inspire, and encourage people to work towards their dreams.

“Before I die I want to be like these two and go to the frontier above us and help humankind take the next steps so our children have new frontiers even farther away than ours,” Hanson said, “Someday I want space to seem like an old normal thing that no one even cares about or thinks about how hard it was for us.”