The Early Bird Sells the Worm

Student entrepreneur makes waves through worm sale

This is Geffre, one of the worms purchased by CHS students.

Photo by Maya Dawson

This is Geffre, one of the worms purchased by CHS students.

A figure approaches each lunch table, the bag in his hand teeming with goods. 

An addiction is spreading through Conifer High School. A worm addiction.

“I am partnering up with a few of my friends, and we are selling worms on a string,” sophomore Devon Lewis said.

From the bottom of his bag, fuzzy pipe-cleaner like creatures regard the students, googly eyes glinting in the cafeteria lights. Nobody is safe from the appeal of the worm.

“I think it’s a little crazy how far Devon is going with  this, but I don’t see any harm in it,” worm consumer Graciela Fischer said. It may be unusual, but there is money to be found in the worm industry.

“I just broke even a day ago and I’ve made somewhere around $65 dollars in profit to split between myself and my colleagues,” Lewis said. This worm craze doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Students are being creative with their new fuzzy friends.

“I put my worms on the fan in my room”, Fisher said. “When I turn it on it’s really funny.” All whimsy aside, worms are paving the way for a young entrepreneur to make himself known throughout Conifer.

“Over the past few days, the interest in the worms has actually been growing”, Lewis said. He charges $1 for the first worm purchased and an additional 50¢ for each worm after (the second would be $1.50, the third would be $2, etc.).

For those interested in obtaining a worm of their own, Lewis advises them to,

“Come find me in the commons or in the lunchroom. I’m available at any time!”