Lobos can’t catch Glenwood Springs, fall 56-45

Playoff hopes end in the first round

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Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Senior Abe Martin makes his way around a Glenwood Springs defender.

During a back-and-forth game against the Glenwood Springs Demons, the Lobos varsity team struggled to catch up at the end of the game that ended in a loss 56-45. The Lobos fought with the Demons throughout the entirety of the game trying to gain a few point lead. Lobo fans stood on the bleachers watching as the score slipped further and further away from victory.


Right off the bat Glenwood Springs had the advantage with their impenetrable defensive skills. The Lobos’ shooting average was off as their shots bounced off the rim into the defenders’ hands. Glenwood Springs had a few lucky fast drives down the court resulting in the first 10 points of the game.


After Eric Valerio called a timeout the Lobos came back stronger and started to catch up but that didn’t stop the victory-driven Demons from surpassing the Lobos once again by the end of the the first quarter.  At the end of the first half the Demons were ahead by 13.


The Lobos came back out with a good attitude but still couldn’t top the Demons. Point after point, the Demons kept adding to their lead leaving the Lobos behind. The Demons made 17 out of their 32 free throws.


As the fourth quarter rolled around, the Lobos continued to lay on the pressure going back and forth shooting free throw after free throw. In the fourth quarter alone the Lobos gained 20 points, giving their fans hope they could win and make it to state, but they didn’t.

They played hard defense as the game drew near its end and the hopes of state circled the rim and fell to the floor.

Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Sophomore Will Ratzer shot for three during the playoff game against Glenwood Springs.

Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Senior Kellen Ireland guards against a pass during the second half of the game against Glenwood Springs.

Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Junior Seth Sankey evades a Glenwood Springs defender on his way to the basket.

Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Freshman Landon Wallace reacts after making a basket during the playoff game.

Photo by Laurel Ainsworth
Junior Kasim Rana jumps high to protect the basket.