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Loud and Proud: Conifer Spirit Week

Conifer High School’s prom spirit week took place from April 15 to 19, leading up to prom on April 20
Sullivan Ramirez
Freshmen Harper Risch, Keira Weeks, and Doran Reed dress up for pajama day to show school spirit. “I can show school spirit and have an excuse to wear pajamas at the same time,” Risch said.

Prom Spirit Week went from Monday to Friday and was in celebration of the upcoming prom weekend. Monday the 15 was pajama day, and Tuesday was Beach VS Biker. Wednesday was “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”, inspired by the movie Mean Girls. On Thursday students dressed like their teachers and on Friday students participated in “Conifer Day” where freshmen wore black, sophomores wore gray, juniors wore green, and seniors wore white. 

“I think spirit week gives us a reason to celebrate and come together and have a sense of community,” Rhonda Simms said. “I love watching the kids and seeing how they choose to express themselves and be creative and funny.”

Conifer High School’s upperclassmen were invited to attend prom and after prom on April 20-21. This year’s prom theme was A Night in the Secret Garden, and it took place at the Denver Butterfly Pavilion from 7:30 to 10:30. Tickets were $80 per person, $150 for a couple, and $100 at the door. After-prom was hosted at Urban Air Adventure Park, an indoor trampoline and activity park, from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Two students, junior Sidney Rogozinski and junior Ryan Palmentari pose for a spirited photo. Last week at Conifer High School was spirit week where students could participate by dressing up for different themes. “I think it’s so great to have these weeks that break up the normal flow of the school year. It gives kids a little extra something to look forward to,” assistant principal Becky Paschke said. (Sullivan Ramirez)

Spirit Week is meant to show support for the school and local community. However, some students and staff have remarked on the declining participation. 

“Not as many people participated as in years past… I think we need more school spirit. In earlier years, kids were more excited about their school and they had more spirit.” Office staff Annie Weslehoff said. Weslehoff talked about how students have begun to lose school spirit on a broader scale as well, neglecting to pick up trash and not participate in school activities.

“I only dressed up on Wednesday and wore a pink shirt. Spirit Week is fun and I think it gets people who are going to the dances excited to go. I think we should only do them for dances, because it’s the only reason people would actually dress up. ” freshman Zoe Proctor said. 

Every year Conifer puts together a spirit week for the week leading up to prom with unique themes for each day. To start the week, on Monday the theme was Pajama Day, where students can dress comfortably to show their school spirit.  

“I chose to dress up because it seemed fun, and even though I’m not going to prom, when I do, it would be nice to see everyone participating in spirit week,” freshman Stella Hilliard said.

Abby Jensen dresses up in pajamas for Monday’s spirit theme “Pajama Day”. Spirit week is a week for students to show school spirit and dress up for different themes each day. “It’s fun and it’s something different that we get to do,” Annie Weslehoff said. (Sullivan Ramirez)

Thursday was “Dress like a Teacher day”. Students were able to choose a teacher they wanted to dress up like. Some teachers and office staff dressed as Jonathan Shipley, Conifer’s physical education teacher. They wore sweatpants and Conifer gear to imitate his usual style. On Friday it was “Conifer Day”, where freshmen wore black, sophomores wore gray, juniors wore green, and seniors wore white. At the pep rally at the end of the school day, students broke up into grades and celebrated their school and its upcoming events. 

“I participated in spirit week every day. I just think it’s so great to have these weeks that are throughout the year where it breaks up the routine of school. It’s something a little bit extra to look forward to. It adds more fun in our weeks,” Becky Paschke, Conifer’s Assistant Principal said.

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