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“Playing Better, Getting Better, Working Harder”

The Level 3 boys basketball team see improvements in the current season
Kaylea Pike
Level 3 boys basketball team during their game vs Dakota Ridge on Friday January 12, 2024. The team lost this game but are hopeful to bounce back. “I think that we can bounce back. Hopefully,” Barilla said.

Conifer High School’s basketball program consists of a Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Level 3 (L3) team.  Although varsity gets most of the attention, L3 should be recognized as well. The main L3 coach is Dual Schneider. The L3 basketball team has a record of 1-3 at this point in the season.

“They are improving every week,” assistant coach Ernest Martinez said. 

The L3 team consists of twelve players, three of whom swing for JV. The roster mostly consists of freshmen and a few sophomores. 

“I think our team’s chemistry is really good because no one doesn’t believe in each other,” freshman Mason Miller said. 

“Playing better, getting better, working harder,” Martinez said.

The team strives to work on new drills to help them succeed in future games.

  “We are working on breaking presses and guards and we are also working on other stuff like shooting and getting open shots,” freshman Chase Barilla said. 

The team plans on practicing every day to improve for the rest of the season.

  “We’ve learned how to break the press break pretty well, which will be good for our future seasons,” Mason  Miller said.

Compared to the last season, the L3 team has improved. The 2022-2023 L3 record was 2-4, while this season’s record is currently 1-3. As it is still early in the season the coaches believe that they are improving.

“In the Jeffco League, we are doing way better,” Martinez said. 

The team and coaches are seeing improvement and have high hopes this season will be better than last.

“I think our program will be pretty good in future years with our team right now,” Miller said.

The varsity and JV teams are helping the younger freshmen so that they can have good teams in the future. 

“We’re building and growing as a team and building up the younger kids, I think we’re going to be a really good team,” Martinez said. 

As the season continues and the team continues to grow, the L3 Boys Basketball team plans to keep practicing and hopefully show it in their next game against Alameda. 

“I’m really impressed with them and I think they have a bright future,” Martinez said. 

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