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Offseason: Building Strength And Improving Odds

Conifer high school football players are starting the offseason with personalized training in order to stay in shape, physically and mentally, for next year.
Abigail Leidel
In the weight room, the football workout plans change daily. The main muscle groups that the team works are chest, legs, and arms. Some of the main exercises that are performed include cleans, bench press, squats, and deadlifts.

Football season at Conifer High School ended in early November, but the workload is far from over for the team. While there are no longer daily practices or weekly games, both JV and Varsity members are still putting in the hours during and after school to improve for the next season. 

“This season I’ve absolutely grown as a player and a teammate by respecting my team and also having better sportsmanship,” freshman Amir Jardien said. 

Jardien completed his first tackle football season this year and played for Conifer’s JV team. His positions included running back and safety. Jardien has confirmed that he is going to play next year, and shared his plans for improving in the offseason.

“I’m doing some basic leg workouts to get faster and stronger and some basic catching practices to be a better player for the team and to just genuinely get better overall.” Jardien said. 

Aside from football, Jardien plays soccer, softball, and lacrosse, and trains often to keep up with his active lifestyle. Most training and workout plans are focused on improving speed, strength, endurance, and muscle-to-body fat ratio. 

“The team is doing pretty good. I’ve seen a lot of them in the weight room. To prepare I’m just throwing the football around and working out. I’m working on gaining some weight and lifting,” freshman Logan Young said. 

Young played quarterback for the Lobo’s JV team this past year, after playing football for four years previously on the Mountain Predators and the Dakota Ridge Eagles teams. Often, players work legs, arms, shoulders, and chest, and there are foam rollers and specialized stretches that help with muscle soreness and restoration. 

“I think I’ve gotten better this year, throwing wise, from everyone teaching me everything, like Jack Van Airs Dale and Coach Doug,” Young said. 

The dumbbells are used for filler exercises during team workouts. Some of these exercises include Bulgarian split squats, dumbbell shoulder presses, dumbbell bent-over rows, and curls.

Quarterback sophomore Jack Van Airs Dale and football coach Wolanske helped Logan Young learn important techniques for playing under pressure, hitting targets, and growing throughout the season. However, Young is not the only player that believes to have improved over the season.

Freshman William Hood played Nose Guard and Center on the JV team this past season, and he also previously played for the Mountain Predators. Most team members, including Hood, work daily workouts into their schedule and make time to get into the weight room. 

“I’ve grown as a player, Physically and mentally, too. I’ve learned a lot and definitely put on some strength,” freshman William Hood said. 

Hood said that he will be back next year to continue playing for Conifer and that he is doing things to enhance his skills in the offseason. 

“I’m lifting five days a week and eating clean. I’m just trying to be in a good headspace. I want to be around 220 by the start of next season. I want to be a lot stronger and improve my skills,” Hood said. 

The team as a whole has been committed to improving throughout the offseason, and the majority of them attend team workouts and practice their positions independently. 

“We are very committed. Everyone wants to be there and likes being there. They’d always show up to practices and workouts,” Jardien said.

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