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The Start of Varsity Girls’ Basketball

Girls’ Varsity Basketball starts their season with a record of 2-0
On December 1 Conifer Girls’ Basketball was preparing for their upcoming game on December 2 against Alameda High School. Conifer High School has a tradition of dressing nice to inform their peers about their upcoming home game. “I’m proud of my team, we are 2-0 for the first time in 10 years. We’ve improved from last year,” sophomore Breeana Leslie said. Photo provided by Penelope Dickinson

Conifer High School’s Girls’ Varsity Basketball is back on the court, winning their first two games. Their first game against Fort Lupton High School had a final score of 34-27. In their second game against Alameda, despite a medical emergency on the other side delaying the game, they still won with a final score of 34-28. The team this year is coached by Connie Ireland, Cate Linehan, and Scott Deem. 

“I love our coaches. I mean, they were great last year. They’re great this year. He’s [Deem’s] a little more strict this year, but I think it’s helping us out a lot,” senior Ryli Metcalf said. 

The team is made up of 10 players Lila Braun, Ryli Metcalf, Milania Espinoza, Finley Johnsen, Madison Espinoza, Eleanor Sikora, Isabelle Gardiner, Lily Harwood, Megan Swearengin, and Breeana Leslie. Among the team’s goals for this season, they hope to improve their skills and also their team connection.

“I love my team this year, compared to last year we have a much better connection and I feel like we all just fit together. We still have basketball skills to improve on, but overall I think we’ve been doing great,” junior Lila Braun said. 

Their first game was on Tuesday, November 28 against Fort Lupton High School. The player of the game was sophomore Breeana Leslie, their Center.

“This is my second season at Conifer. I think it’s going well so far. This is the first time in a long time we’ve been 2-0 and we have a good chance for the next few games,” Leslie said. 

Their second game and first home match was on Saturday, December 2 against Alameda. Breeana Leslie had the top points per game with a 10.5 percentage, followed by Finley Johnson with a 9.0. For free throws, Milania Espinoza has 75% per game, behind her is Lily Harwood with 50%.

“In the second game we communicated a lot better and I think there were a few moments where there were some mix-ups and some issues, but we talked it out, and figured it out. I think we have a good future,” Metcalf said.

The basketball team is preparing for their next few games in practice by learning new offensive and defensive plays—as well as ball control and conditioning.

“I think we need to work on knowing where we are on the court, and making sure we are confident and calm when passing to each other,” freshman Megan Swearingin said. 

The season will continue until their last game on Sunday, February 10 against Eagle Valley. Until then, the team will continue to practice 5 days a week and hopes to improve their 4-19 record from last year.

“My favorite part of my team is that no matter what we have always found out what’s wrong, made the adjustments, and ended up winning,” Metcalf said.

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