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Gymnastics at CHS

Due to a lack of a gymnastics team at CHS, four Conifer gymnasts must make the trip to Evergreen in order to compete.
Annikah Ramsey, Payton Buccelli, Avery Hanisch, and Willa Potter after their gymnastics meet on September 9. Hanisch won 1st on Vault, Potter got 2nd on Vault, and Ramsey placed 6th on Vault. Photo courtesy of Andy Potter.

Conifer High School students, freshman Payton Buccelli, freshman Avery Hanisch, sophomore Annikah Ramsey, and freshman Willa Potter, compete for the Evergreen gymnastics team. Because Conifer doesn’t have a gymnastics team, these athletes are forced to take their talents to Evergreen. They would like to add a team at Conifer so they wouldn’t have to always go to Evergreen.

“I would add a gymnastics team to build interest with new gymnasts and help people try something new. I think it’s really fun and it fosters a lot of team spirit. So I think it would be a beneficial thing to Conifer,” Ramsey said. 

There are very few Conifer gymnasts, however, if more students took up the sport then a high school team could be created for the school. 

“Obviously I love my teammates, but I think it’d be fun with a bigger team. It’s more fun to show your school spirit during school if we have a meet or something and let people know we’re here,” Ramsey said.

“I think I would add a team just so that I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between schools all the time,” Hanisch said. 

Conifer cannot start a team of its own mainly because there are not enough people interested in joining, and since Evergreen already has a gymnastics team these athletes do have somewhere to go. The Conifer girls who participate in gymnastics at Evergreen wish there was a team at Conifer so that their sport could be acknowledged and they could feel more seen.

“I totally would add a team at Conifer just because I really like gymnastics and I want to spread it around the school,” Buccelli said.

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