See you at the Sie!

The Sie Film Center is a nonprofit theatre in Denver, that hosts a variety of festivals and regular film showings.


Finn Stein

To support the theater and all of its programs, the ticket booth sells things like t-shirts and stickers. They also have books detailing the history of the movies shown and the theater. Take 30 is the story of the last 30 years of the company and the journey it’s taken to get to where they are now.

The Sie film center is run and operated by Denver Film, the only nonprofit theater in Colorado. The company moved its headquarters down to Colfax, to the Sie building, in 2010. This move has aided them in finding new audiences and making their content more accessible.

Denver Film runs many different events and film festivals. Film on the Rocks and the Denver Film Festival are their most notable festivals. Film on the Rocks takes place at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and its counterpart has many different locations. Other popular events Denver film sponsors or runs include Summer Scream, CinemaQ, CineLatinx, and Women + Film.

Their latest film festival was Women + Film, which took place April 13-16 and was hosted at the Sie. This film festival focuses on women on screen and behind the camera. While there are some bigger name titles, the festivals mostly focus on local filmmakers and actors to connect the communities a little more. In 2022, they sold 1,285 tickets for the festival and had 15 local movies to show off over six days.

Aside from festivals, they are a movie theater year-round. They have a weekly calendar that rotates movies in and out, with a few bigger names, first-run exclusives, more artsy movies, and revivals of older favorites

The Sie has a large range of events and movies that almost anyone could find something interesting and a reason to visit. Not to mention, supporting a local non-profit and getting more in touch with the community.