Movie Review: Missing

The promotional posters for the movie show actress Storm Reid, who plays June in Missing.

The promotional posters for the movie show actress Storm Reid, who plays June in Missing.

Missing is a 2023 movie starring Storm Reid, known for her work in Euphoria and A Wrinkle in Time. The movie follows her, playing a 16 year old girl, whose mother went missing after going on a trip with her new boyfriend out of the country. When international police are found to not be of much help, she takes matters into her own hands and tries to find her mother on her own. The movie is completely filmed through screens, such as Facetime, social media, security cameras, etc.


Though there were some wild plot lines, when there were big twists they were executed well and fleshed out enough to not feel last minute or super jarring to the audience. They used gimmicks prevalent today, like Tiktok, to show people looking at the case from the outside and analyzing it, much like what happens in real life.

June, Storm Reid’s character, is seen on facetime with a government official while talking and looking over camera footage. In the background, you can see her camera apps and even a text conversation she was having before, showing how much you can have open and going on computers and in the story.


The marketing for this movie was done really well and really showed it’s unique way of storytelling. There were videos posted to Tiktok as if the main character was talking to people on the app, as she does similarly in the movie to the audience. Many promotional materials also showed text conversations or screens, making it very eye catching.


Overall, the movie was enjoyable. It kept the audience on the edge of their seat when needed, while still being comforting in the way it included familiar things, like downloading an app for the computer. Bringing technology into what would usually be an easy, predictable mystery movie really gave it it’s own touch and unique-ness. Missing is still in some theatres.